Medical marijuana will only lead to trouble

To the Editor,

I have had a long time to think on how much negitivity this brings, from the dangers of driving and activities to behavior changes, it will make drunk driving look like Tiny Tim’s song “Tiptoe through the Tullips.”

If any individual has not seen the havoc this bringsI implore you to travel through the Carribean or go out of the country and see it first-hand. It looks like a land of zombies walking around in the streets panhandling this stuff everyplace.

I am sure I hear you all now saying its medical marijuana, right, come on, get really serious. Wow pain is gone so well if I lace it with a little this or that, hey I’ll even feel better, and it’s legal, nobody will ever know.

If you think the police have their hands full now with a few DWI’s, this will make it look like taking ice cream from a child. Just how many more people will die before we all say enough is enough? Drugs being fought everyday on the border tells you everything. Politicians wake-up. How to stop opoids? Simple stop making them, and make the pill illegal from doctors period. Stricter laws are needed. There’s a saying the generation of the 60s and 70s are saying, you can’t fix stupid. Legalizing medical marijuana is about is stupid as it gets.

Richard Budney Sr.