Rethink smoking regulations

To the Editor,

The Health Department had installed a smoking ban in all of Hancock County. Much was said about how it hurt the income in the gambling establishments throughout the county. Brooke County had followed suit with this smoking ban as well. Smoking in restaurants has been abolished for some time now.

All of these establishments that were affected by the smoking ban cried and cried to the government until they lifted the ban to suit smokers. This is an affront to all the non-smokers that frequent these cafes and gambling establishments.

They installed so-called rules to make the gambling areas vent the smoke from cigarettes away from the gambling areas and food areas. This is a farce! The smoke is not being vented enough to keep the non-smokers from having to breathe the second-hand smoke. Nothing could be more wrong with this scenario. The Health Department head resigned upon the installation of smoking being allowed again in these “public” establishments. Many people have breathing problems in this area, and it should again be addressed and put to a vote in the counties whether smoking should or should not be banned in all public places.

Maybe we should allow smoking in Congress!

Donald E. Glasure