Too desperate, too stupid

To the Editor,

Newly sworn-in Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (a Democrat, naturally) has publicly stated her intention to impeach President Trump, gleefully describing him in her speech by invoking a graphic sexual act involving mothers.

Now, there’s a role model to which our children can aspire, right?

Such is the refined, dignified level of discourse of the modern Democratic Party. On social media, the liberals naturally rose up behind their new champion, proudly defending her right to do so because, you know, free speech and stuff. Ironically, one of the chief complaints of the anti-Trump mob has always been his “inappropriate language.”

Let’s all take a moment, to imagine American liberalism’s sputtering, mindless outrage, if the roles in the matter had been reversed.

Tlaib, a Muslim, took her oath on a Quran, one of two new elects to do so. Under Sharia Law, she should be stoned to death for “immodesty.” After all, she doesn’t wear a Burka — she doesn’t even cover her head. She wears makeup and she uses foul language.

It would be deliciously ironic if Orthodox Muslims threw rocks at her.

The other superstar of the new Democrats, the New York silk-stocking socialist and limousine-liberal-extraordinaire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the naive, yet wild-eyed innocent, likely soon to be ground up and vomited out by the D.C. beast, wants to give virtually everyone, free virtually everything, cancel all student loan debt and provide free housing to everyone under a certain income level (which, truly, the government already offers.)

The price tag — an economy-blitzing $40 trillion during the next 10 years. Her “plan” of projected tax increases would “create” only $2 trillion of that. From where is the other $38 trillion to come? Nobody, including her, knows.

“You just pay for it,” the (unbelievably, Boston University) economics major is quoted as blithely saying of her health care plan.

Another priceless Ocasio-Cortez quote is “It’s better to be morally right than factually correct.”

This is an elected member of Congress — a “leader” of our nation.

One gets the impression that she’s going to be wellspring of verbal blunders and overly complex explanations to simple questions. None of her Democrat comrades has come forward to say nay on this.

So, I guess that’s official — to the Democrats, facts now matter less than morality. Like that’s new.

However: Abortion-on-demand, unquestioning support for illegal immigrants who ignore our laws accusation (and indictment) without need of evidence (Justice Brett Kavanaugh) and rampant secular-humanism — as if the party of all these things had any right to be any judge of morality.

Oh, and Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want you to know that $5 billion is way too much to spend for a wall, but $150 billion a year for care and feeding of illegals is fine. Liberal economics. Maybe Ocasio-Cortez could help them? Maybe not.

Call me if they ever find anything actionable about collusion.

The modern Democratic Party: Too desperate and stupid, even to really try anymore.

Rob Denham