A look at our world

To the Editor,

It seems like a lot of controversial stories are happening in the 21st century, but if one leaves out all of the juicy components, it only takes a paragraph to explain.

What’s happened to America? Roger Stone, a millionaire, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for his legal fees pertaining to his arrest by Mueller investigators into Russian collusion in our elections. Have we become a shameless nation?

Congress has a poor approval rating. Did anyone ever stop to think it’s a bad reflection on the folks who went to the polls and voted for them?

If the biblical threat of hellfire cannot top the testosterone from flowing to keep civilization rolling, then maybe the threat has been misrepresented by the holier-than-thou from joy to procreation only.

Every president must own what happens on his watch, good or bad, but it should not justify his bad behavior with bad behavior from former presidents, like it’s OK.

There isn’t a pill out there from opioids to cancer cures that does not have life-changing side effects.

What’s the future of the human race from the side effects? The answer: Death.

Time and space always has existed. There is only one way — forward. There is no going back.

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” There must be a lot of forgetting, because there is a lot of repeating.

Alzheimer’s is a blessing for seniors – the person who is suffering from it is dying but does not know what is happening. The sad part is for those who know they are dying, young or old. It is very sad.

Lawyers use jargon to baffle the jury — anticipates, believes, projects, plans, intends, expects, might, may estimates — coulda, shoulda, woulda are the best three.

I will guarantee, even if done voluntarily by the private sector, freedom of speech will be sanctioned.

A NASA spacecraft hurtles toward a tiny ice world nicknamed Ultima Tule a billion miles beyond Pluto. A pure case of rich boys playing with billion-dollar toys.

Artificial intelligence has met its match — it’s called the wall. What more can an iPhone do?

Mr. President, some people get testy waiting for a red light to turn green. The people waiting for asylum at the border get violent.

I listened to the president’s State of the Union address. I heard not one word about racism or climate change. One will rip our hearts apart, and the other will tear our failing infrastructure to shreds. Other than the above, it was just another presidential business-as-usual speech.

Steve Kopa