There’s lots to question

To the Editor,

At this writing, the Internet is agog over the misadventures of actor Jussie Smollett and his attempt to, perhaps, garner sympathy or publicity in the process of being written out of his TV show gig.

In case you live in a cave, allow me to summarize:

Smollett decided, around 2 a.m. one brisk, sub-zero, polar-vortex-afflicted Chicago morning, to take a walk to Subway for a sandwich.

While on his way home, he was reportedly beset by two monstrous, redneck Trump supporters who soundly beat him, poured bleach on him and threw a noose of clothesline around his neck.

Smollett — clearly no mastermind — had, we now know, faked the whole thing, even paying for the clothesline. The sketchy account began to crumble within days.

The only people who believed him were those who desperately wanted to validate their own low opinions of Trump supporters.

Smollett is only the latest in high-profile hoaxers, slandering President Trump and his supporters.

Christine Blasey-Ford, “rape victim” extraordinaire, who, in a pathetically-desperate Democrat attempt to smear Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh and delay or altogether scuttle his appointment, claimed to have been assaulted by him at a party in 1982. Of course, she couldn’t remember much about the incident, was having such a merry time recounting this devastatingly horrific event in her life and lied about so many details that, like Smollett, only those who wanted to believe her did.

Others came forward, claiming to have been harassed or assaulted by Kavanaugh. All, it turned out, were lying.

Nathan Phillips, AKA “Chief Crying Wolf,” American Indian activist and agitator, tried provoking a confrontation with teenager Nick Sandmann and friends during a rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Phillips claimed Sandmann and friends had verbally assaulted and physically threatened him and his cohorts, and used “racist epithets”. Naturally.

That narrative, too, started to crumble almost instantly, as unedited video surfaced, showing Phillips and company, not Sandmann and friends, doing the agitating.

Perhaps “Stormy” Daniels, too, but she’s essentially just a professional trollop who tried to extort an extra buck. But hey, I hear she’s making her movies again — Trump even got her back to work.

Let’s talk about “divisiveness in America”.

Smollett, Blasey-Ford, Phillips and others are the faces of it, pushing an agenda by causing problems where, simply, none exist.

Is there still racism? Certainly — there’s racism on all sides. But the truth is that collectively, we’re getting beyond the petty prejudices and animosities of our forebears. There’s simply not enough actual “hate” and “racism” in our society anymore to support that narrative and keep that goalpost-pushing agenda alive. When that happens, you just have to make your own. And they do try.

When they do, though, it diminishes the experiences of actual victims.

As a perceptive Facebook post points out:

“The media rushed to judgment on Nick Sandmann, declaring him a bigot. The media rushed to the defense of Nathan Phillips and Jussie Smollett. How’s that ‘white privilege’ working out?”

Rob Denham