A master of the game

To the Editor,

As Trump was in Vietnam for summit talks with North Korea, the Democrats were anticipating the grilling of Michael Cohen — who always looks to me like he’s in a commercial for sinus medication — for any possible hint of Trump wrongdoing.

Even though Cohen turned out to be yet another “nothing burger” with a side of nothing, the salivating obviously undermined efforts in Korea. They simply don’t want Trump to succeed; that much is obvious.

Alas, amid laughter and cheers from the left and satisfied smirks from the Democrats, Trump withdrew from the summit.

Aha! Victory! Drumpf failed! The “Cheeto President” had gone home gloriously empty-handed.

Again, liberals and Democrats root for a communist dictator over an American president. Typical.

It’s like the 1980s all over again. But, I’m sure they’re happy to have a communist, again, to root for, instead of just illegal immigrants, angry, ugly feminists, literal infanticide, and transgenders.

Any president in the last 25 years could’ve done what he did in Korea. They just didn’t have the guts, or maybe even the desire, to upset the status quo the way he has.

North Korea is the perfect Great Boogeyman for the modern world stage. Outwardly unstable and unpredictable; isolated, insular, weird. In reality, they’re essentially a paper tiger. Outdated technology, and weaponry that literally dates to the Soviet era. Inability to produce important needed goods. Ultimately predictable.

Every so often, (when running out of supplies they can’t produce for themselves, which is a lot), they’d rear their heads and, usually using some feeble rationale, do some threatening posturing. Say some angry things; make a scene. Then the world would quietly pay them off with the goods they needed, pretend to talk and smooth things over, and they’d go away again, until the next time, “averting the crisis.” That was the arrangement. The spoiled child syndrome.

In overall Korean culture, “saving face” is paramount, and this was their way of saving face and not asking for the needed help and goods.

Trump saw all this, however, and wasn’t having it. Kim Jong Un had his tantrum, just like daddy taught him, when the T-bones, Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker were running low…but this time, it didn’t work. Instead, Trump started an extended war of words from which Kim, in order to “save face,” couldn’t back down.

The whole time that exchange was progressing, North Korea was running out of supplies. Trump kept it going until the pressure on Kim got unbearable, and viola! Smilin’ Kim, out of the blue, suddenly wanted to talk peace! Miraculous.

Trump is a master at this game. If left be, he could get a lot of things straightened out. But the left, and truly, much of the right, don’t want things straightened out. They like the Boogeymen of the world, because they make good propaganda. They like poverty, and the exploitable, controllable dependence it engenders in humanity. It’s despicable, but that’s the way it is, and that’s the entrenched, cynical mentality Trump faces.

Rob Denham



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