Appreciative of the city employees

To the Editor,

A dead deer on my back lawn on Lauren Circle.

I called the animal control in Weirton and was referred to the Hancock County Animal Control. After many, many computerized answers, I got through to a human voice who told me that it would be up to me to dispose of the dead deer and promptly hung up.

Thinking we were cut off, I called back and was told it was my responsibility to dispose of the deer and she hung up on me again.

I called the WV DNR to no avail. I called everywhere.

Finally, I called the Public Works Department of the City of Weirton and in less than 15 minutes, they came to my response. They even came to my front door and asked if I needed anything else.

Thanks be to the City of Weirton, our mayor and the kind, courteous people of the Public Works Department. Many, many thanks.

Ernest Nicholas Sr.



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