Supporting council candidate

To the Editor,

I have known George Charnie, like many in this town, for years. He and his sister, Marilynn, were customers when I was in business, and they have handled our insurance needs for just as long.

What is remarkable about George is his genuine interest in others. No matter what he is doing, he always stops and engages those he serves. In my case, much more so than he receives in return, because I am a penny-ante customer. To top it off, when I feel our premiums getting out-of-hand, I ask George to find a more affordable company or policy, which means he is going to make less commission.

So a fellow who is genuinely interested in others, serves his community in civic causes, and in business has his client’s interests at heart, over and above his own, what better kind of person is there to serve the citizens of Weirton on city council?

Blaise Hogan



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