Candidate questions councilman’s preparedness

(Note: Jonathan Curenton is a candidate for Weirton Ward 1 Council, facing incumbent Councilmember Tim Connell)

To the Editor,

This letter to the editor is in response to the article that ran on May 14, 2019 regarding the vote taken by the City Council of Weirton concerning rental registration and Councilman Connell’s lack of commitment, preparedness and attention to the importance of this matter.

It is important to me as a candidate running for Councilman of Ward One to hear from the people that live in the Ward. While knocking on doors and getting out and meeting with constituents, it became obvious that integrity and knowledge of key issues are major factors that are missing from the current Councilman in Ward One. Mr. Connell stated that he wanted to table the bill for rental registration at first, what he told me personally in a phone call about his actions on May 21, 2019, a bill that he originally supported and voted to enact in April 2019, but then changed his vote after receiving more information about it. His decision to change his vote left many constituents wondering what caused his sudden change of heart? It showed them just how unprepared he was to cast a vote, it raised a question of maybe being influenced by someone and lastly it showed many residents that Mr. Connell is not a man that is prepared to make decisions. A true lack of integrity.

Fact No. 1: Mr. Connell initially supported and sponsored the ordinance for rental registration. “The first reading was held in April, where it was passed unanimously by council. Connell, Ash, Jackson and Fracasso had been listed as sponsoring members of council for the ordinance (Weirton Daily Times May 14, 2019 Howell).”

Fact No. 2: Mr. Connell, in mid-stream, stated to me that he wanted to table a bill that he initially sponsored and then decided to change his vote, seemingly due to his lack of readiness or unpreparedness to decide.

Question: How do you initiate something you need more information about? Is that the type of individual you want to represent you in Ward One?

I’m running for Council in Ward One because Ward One deserves a Councilman that is informed and prepared to make educated decisions. An individual that is committed to understanding the issues and is invested in the community. An individual that has just as much to lose or gain as the people they represent.

Jonathan Curenton



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