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To the Editor,

As you know, the special session is upon us concerning West Virginia education, ie. charter schools, teacher salaries and etc. I recently attended the Wheeling Park symposium and came away with the following impressions;

1.) teacher union leaders pretty much reside in a shroud of ignorance and are committed to an uncompromising attitude that serves nobody, not even themselves.

2.) rank and file are caught in the middle of a no-win situation of caring for students and administration demands

3.) charter schools have generally been successful across the country when properly administrated

4.) ALL groups are blind to the big elephant in the room that is about to bring chaos on an unimaginable level — THE ILLEGAL INVADER ISSUE.

When mentioned to these well-meaning educators they usually go into denial mode or conclude this is someone else’s problem, ie. yours. (they may be partially right about that part!)


“MONEY” — cut state benefits for all illegals — period — exception for life saving medicine

“ADVERTISE” — West Virginia is not a dumping ground for other state’s illegal problems

“CONSULTATION” — take advantage of transplanted West Virginia types who voted with their feet (like me) — these folks can provide a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds that are critical in controlling this epidemic that will soon overwhelm our state.

Greg Baldt



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