Higher rent isn’t needed

To the Editor,

This is in regards to landlords having to register all of their properties and tenants having to pay more rent. Well, I already got my rent increase, which is over the top, and I sure don’t need another hike in rent.

You know no one takes into consideration that there are people on fixed incomes. Everytime you turn around, it’s either gas, electric or water they are raising and for this area, let’s face it, this area is very depressing. Thanks to MarkWest and all of the fracking, this area isn’t worth paying a lot of rent. There’s nothing here.

People who travel through here from other states, all they have to see is barren land from fracking. I just had a relative from another state visiting here, who once lived here and couldn’t get over how bad this area is.

That Ohio River is an eyesore.

You know that sign that says “Welcome to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia”? Well, wild it is, wonderful it’s not.

Florence Donley



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