It’s time for us to wake up

To the Editor,

I am a Democrat, but totally disgusted with my party. Here are some reasons why:

We totally got beat in the presidential race. President Donald Trump won the race — period. The only thing that man is doing is to fill his promises that he won the election on. But our great party is doing everything it can to not let this happen.

Our forefathers were really worried about three things: First, that the average person could not afford to run for office because of the cost. That is really true — the average person cannot afford to run. Second, that the parties would not work together. If one party came up with great ideas, the other would not vote on them, because it would cost them the election. That is for sure what is happening today. Third, elected congressional officials would not vote for what would be best for the country, but would only vote for what would be best for them to be re-elected.

That is what’s happening big time today. The hell with our country, I’ll do anything to be re-elected.

Why are you not closing down the border? The reason is to bring these people into our country illegally, and the hell with the laws. So, someday soon, we can control this country.

We need to build this wall or use the military –something has to be done, fast. If you let this group come in, how long will it be before another group will do the same thing? When these people come here, who is going to take care of them? How many will be on welfare and asking for everything that they can get for free?

The congresswoman who went nuts and used such foul language –what kind of an example did she make for our children? Yet, many members of my party said that was just great. What a shame the Democrat Party has come to all of the above.

Before the Mueller report came out, the Democrats thought he was the one who would bury Trump, and now they say that he is no good because he did not prove Trump was guilty. Instead, the party is saying, let’s start doing what’s better for our country, now we will find something else on Trump and Mueller.

When will the Democrat Party become more worried about Russia, Iran, China and North Korea are doing to destroy our country?

It’s a damn shame they are more worried about getting re-elected than doing what’s right for us to be the strongest country in the world. During World War II, they said the Brits were blind to what Germany was doing. I am afraid we are being blinded by what other countries are doing to us. We had better wake up before it’s too late.

Max Flinn



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