No more taxes

To the Editor,

Well, I see by the gas pumps at least .040 gas price hike and our roads are getting worse everyday.

Big governmant sucking the private sector dry again. Look at the road area in front of the city building, discraceful, road should be one of the nicest roads to travel on and all we see is quick patch work and bumps.

We sure do show just how terrible a small town can look without really even trying very hard. Cove Road has more dangerous pot holes and uneven areas than any road I have ever seen.

I guess all that tax money went to the stupid light in front of the lumber yard, which, by all accounts, is not needed. Every place in our town has bad roads and bad eyesores.

I guess I’ll be waiting for all the excuses to start coming out about bad weather conditions and why nothing can be done. We cannot even get Lee Avenue Bridge opened and forced into a dangerous intersection in front of our city building.

So here it is tax, tax and more tax and nothing to show for it. And people wonder why the young are leaving. Really!

Richard Budney Sr.



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