Councilman not playing dirty politics

To the Editor,

In response to the young, inexperienced, Jonathan Curenton in the recent editorial of May 26. You have chosen to slander my character, honesty and integrity, for which I DO NOT take lightly! It is with great disappointment, Mr. Curenton, that you choose to do so. The wonderful people of this great city of ours deserve and expect a clean, fair, honest election! Dirty politics do not go over well here and the citizens of Weirton do not appreciate it… We have always been a city of strong, hard-working people.

Last weekend of Memorial Day, we honored our beloved Veterans who sacrificed their lives for this county and our town. I did not see you at the memorial service Mr. Curenton. My wife and I brought the project of the military banners to Weirton four years ago and have been blessed to order and have the city electricians volunteer to hang nearly 500 banners in our city. Weirton is very proud of its military heritage! I served this town and my country in The U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam War. 1965-1971. I graduated from Weir High School and worked for 37 years at Weirton Steel and I am very proud to have lived here all my life, raised my two boys here, and now serve this city as a public servant. I know every street in this city, and I know Ward 1 and its people very well. I have been to house fires and domestic disputes in the middle of the night. I answer phone calls 24/7, even while on vacation. But that’s OK, because that’s what I signed up for and I enjoy doing everything I can to help the people of my town.

Mr. Curenton, you have been gone for 15 years and only returned the past year or so. You have not struggled along with the rest of us to bring about change and try to improve conditions here. In the past four years since I have been working with Mayor Harold (Bubba) Miller and the other good members of city council, we have brought in new businesses such as Bidell Gas Compression, Inc., located on North Main Street near the old No. 1 gate of Weirton Steel, also, Pietro Fiorentini, which is an industrial equipment supplier located on Park Drive, past Rue 21. We have had many new food places and restaurants open on Freedom Way and Three Springs Drive since this administration has taken office with more businesses to come. You have missed all the improvements because you haven’t been around, Mr. Curenton. I have NOT seen you at any council meetings to ask questions or attempt to find out how the process works. Any time that my wife and I have seen you, we have greeted you warmly, respectfully and with a handshake. Your attempt to undermine my integrity only makes me more determined to work even harder at this election. I wish you God’s guidance for your future and for your family.

Tim Connell

Ward 1 Councilman, Weirton


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