Sharing ideas can help with future growth

The sharing of ideas and philosophies can be seen in the growth of many cultures throughout history.

Some haven’t always been the result of positive experiences, but the effects of those movements have impacted society in immeasurable ways.

Today, through speeches, digital technology, meetings and more, we have increased opportunities to share our thoughts and ideas with others.

That sharing of knowledge allows us to explore other opportunities and learn for ourselves. Sometimes, it presents a path which can lead to new ways of improving ourselves or our communities.

This weekend, Rotary clubs from 15 counties in northern West Virginia were in Weirton for the annual District 7530 Conference.

This conference, to me anyway, was a prime example of two separate issues.

The first is that Weirton can host a variety of events which will draw people from through West Virginia and even from across the country.

That’s part of the reason there has been such a push for a conference center in the city.

The other way is that conferences such as the Rotary event held this weekend are a big opportunity to meet with others outside of our area, learn from them and share ideas.

As part of Saturday’s schedule, attending clubs were asked to provide a five-minute presentation on their activities, with everything from fundraisers to community events to the creation of a Christmas light display.

I wish I had been able to stay for all of the speeches, as it was interesting to see the depth of Rotary’s influence in West Virginia.

These are clubs of varying sizes and they are able to accomplish a great deal in their communities.

We know some of the efforts seen locally, with fundraisers to benefit local programs and projects, scholarships for high school graduates, the creation of a youth soccer league and other work for the communities they serve. There also has been a growing interest among our three clubs to collaborate on projects going forward.

Across West Virginia, there are clubs which create fundraising competitions to put toward the battle against polio, there are community races, an effort to encourage the planting of trees and other fun ways to be involved.

It shows what can be accomplished with an active group of people interested in serving their community.

Some ideas will work just about anywhere. Others can only work where they were developed.

But by sharing these ideas, new activities can be tried and new community events can be developed.

These events get people active. We have several local civic clubs, and while I’m sure they would all appreciate new members, I think this is an opportunity to think about ways we can all get involved and provide a more vivid community life.

The Upper Ohio Valley has a number of fairs and festivals, for example. There are several community races. Our schools hold a variety of events for our youth.

Having covered many of these events, though, the participation often is limited.

People talk about there being nothing to do in the area, but there often are events held where people don’t attend.

So, much like during this weekend’s Rotary conference, there are opportunities to share our ideas, get more involved and have an active civic life in our communities.

With activity comes growth and that is a good thing for us all.

(Howell, a resident of Colliers, is managing editor of The Weirton Daily Times, and can be contacted at chowell@weirtondailytimes.com or followed on Twitter @CHowellWDT)


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