Faith through academics and community service

The Madonna circle builds and prides itself off faith in academics and faith in community involvement. The Madonna community always seeks out new ways to grow our family in union with Christ. This week, Madonna staff and seniors volunteered at the Table of Hope, Weirton Christian Center, and the Community Breadbasket. Homecoming week was also celebrated this week. While the seniors and some of the staff aided the poor and prepared for the first dance of the year, Madonna underclassmen took the PSAT/NMSQT. This week is a very important time of year for our students.

The hard working students at Madonna were able to enjoy a convivial week that ultimately led to a fun filled Homecoming dance on Saturday. There were theme specific dress down days during the week, such as Western Day, Spirit Day, and Movie Character Day. At the end of each school day, all the students gathered in the gym to take part in sporting activities, obstacle courses, and trivia games. On Friday, the Madonna community enjoyed a parade followed by a pep rally in our school gym. After a fantastic and busy start of the year, it was a nice week to treat our diligent students.

On Wednesday October 10, the underclassmen participated in the national PSAT/NMSQT test day. The juniors partake in this test hoping to become a National Merit Scholar, whilst the sophomores and freshman were getting valuable experience to improve their scores and test-taking abilities for junior year. Eighth graders from Saint Joseph the Worker and Saint Paul’s Grade Schools were also invited to take the PSAT with Madonna students so they too could gain experience with standardized testing. Academics are not the only priority that builds up Madonna as an institution, as our school also participates in our community.

Community service is the cornerstone of Madonna’s conviction through Christ. Our Catholic tradition tells us that the Keys to Heaven belong to the poor and those who help the less fortunate. Madonna seniors spent the morning of last Wednesday cleaning floors, moving perishable items, and helping the less fortunate by assisting facilities who provide for these individuals. This service was meant to be a valuable life lesson for the senior class as much as it was to help the poor. These Works of Mercy committed by the Madonna seniors will have a lasting impact on each and every senior who took the time to put in the work to help the less fortunate on this day.

Our mission statement forever hopes to improve Christ’s ministry on Earth by helping all who believe in his Saving Grace. Since Madonna is a high school, its faculty specializes in preparing the youth for the rest of their lives to come. As a faith based community, Madonnians are taught there is more to learning than academics however. We strive to help the less fortunate in any way possible. We achieved our goal of helping the less fortunate this week by serving at the Table of Hope, Community Breadbasket, and Weirton Christian Center. Here at Madonna, we are followers of Christ and leaders in the world. See you next week!

(Chartier, Alimario and Durante are all students at Weirton Madonna High School)