It’s a busy time at Weirton Madonna

Madonna High School has prided itself on Catholic tradition since the school’s founding in 1955. Our school was created not just of brick and mortar, but of and for all Catholics and Christians within the northern parts of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Madonna has served as a lighthouse of faith in the Weirton community. Last week, our community celebrated Halloween by participating in an interesting science experiment which shall be discussed later in this article. Madonnians also celebrated the cheerleaders’ “senior night” and volleyball regionals.

William Ihlenfeld won the 1st District West Virginia State Senatorial seat against incumbent State Senator Ryan Ferns. He joined Madonna’s political science and civics classes last week to discuss the intricacies of running a campaign. He also shared some things he has learned along the campaign trail over the last several months. Mr. Ihlenfeld’s discussion with these classes was both informative and interesting for the Madonna students who were present.

Our Lady Dons had an eventful two weeks! The volleyball team ranked No. 1 in their section to compete for a spot in the State Tournament. During this time, they played against the Lumberjills of Valley High School and the Wheeling Central Maroon Knights. They furthered and ended their successful season in the regional game against the Magnolia Blue Eagles. Seniors Rachel Boniti and Andrea Alimario plan to play in one last game in the All-Star Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Volleyball Game on November 17. On another note, the cheerleaders represented Madonna well down at Wheeling Park High School on November 3. Fortunately, they placed second and plan to compete in the State tournament, which will be held in the Charleston Civic Center on December 8. Best of luck to our girls!

Last week the Science Club celebrated National Chemistry Week. Due to inclement weather, the grand finale was put on hold until Tuesday, October 30. Ms. Bilal, director of Madonna’s Chemistry Department, obtained four pumpkins and pure cubes of sodium. The pumpkins were then gutted and filled with water. When pure sodium comes into contact with everyday water, it explodes. Our very own principal, Mr. Lesho, volunteered to put the sodium in and run. The results of this experiment were explosive. Luckily, no one was injured in this scientific demonstration. The people watching had a great time, and the Science Club hopes to continue to involve the school in activities.

This is a very busy time of year at Madonna High School. These parts of the year mark the core of our curriculum. Last week we finished celebrating National Chemistry Week with a demonstration, had a guest speaker come in to talk with our Political Science/Civics classes, celebrated the cheerleaders’ senior night, and began the post season journey at regionals in volleyball. Hopefully, Madonna students will keep their schedules full and will continue to participate in their academic endeavors. Here at Madonna, we are followers of Christ and leaders in the world. See you next week!

(Durante, Chartier and Alimario are students at Weirton Madonna High School.)