Students grow stronger in their faith

Weirton Madonna High School is a small member of the universal and worldwide community that is the Catholic Church. The staff at Madonna reminded their students of this close worldwide unity by inviting a missionary/ministerial group to host a retreat for the young Blue Dons. This retreat for all Madonna students helped not only to show the Catholic tradition of our great school, but also to create Catholic unity between the students. In addition, Weirton Madonna is not just a member of the great universal Church, but it is also a member of the United States. To celebrate this fact as well, Madonna students enjoyed the day off last Monday to celebrate the sacrifice of all veterans.

On Monday, November 12, Madonna observed Veterans Day. On this day we remembered and honored the Veterans who fought for our great nation. It is important to recognize those soldiers who fought for a better world for their families and country as a whole. While Madonna may have had the day off, we want to thank those who could not take the day off and who have fought for their nation.

Each and every student at Madonna had the opportunity to deepen and strengthen his/her faith by attending a N.E.T. retreat this past Tuesday and Wednesday. (N.E.T. is an acronym for the National Evangelization Team.) The N.E.T. leaders challenge young Catholics to embrace the life of the Church and to fully and completely love Jesus. The students enjoyed a spiritually cleansing day filled with prayer, reflection, and connection toward not only God and His beloved Church, but the fellow students partaking in this ministry as well.

Madonna High School is on a neverending journey with each of her students. This is a journey of not only education, but also of faith. Faith is as much a cornerstone of the Madonna curriculum as is education. Our teachers do a tremendous job of melding the two ideas into one for our student populace through events such as those hosted by the N.E.T. leaders. Here at Madonna we are followers of Christ and leaders in the world. See you next week!

(Chartier, Alimario and Durante are all students at Weirton Madonna High School)