Faith, sports and community service are important

Madonna High School was created to help the youth of this area learn about Christ and His Church. During these times of the year, Madonna students are thankful for all that God has bestowed upon them.

This was reflectionary in the time Madonna took off last week for the holiday of Thanksgiving. Some spent this time with families. Others spent some of their break helping the less fortunate with Madonna’s Interact Club. Madonna’s staff not only concerns themselves with the current students, but also with future students as well. The seniors and staff of Madonna welcomed middle schoolers from St. Paul’s and St. Joseph’s School to show them the educational resources of Madonna and how Madonna will help them grow in their faith. Just as Madonna students show strength in faith, they also do in athletic activities. This weekend marks the beginning of many winter sports programs hosted by Madonna High School.

On November 22, we celebrated Thanksgiving. While some people were spending time with their families, the Madonna Interact Club helped serve food at the Weirton Senior Center. Students gave up their time to those people who may not have gotten a warm Thanksgiving meal last week if not for the generosity of the Weirton community. As a Catholic School, Madonna believes that it is important to give back to the community, even if it means giving up time over Thanksgiving.

This past Friday, Madonna was fortunate enough to welcome middle schoolers ranging from sixth through eighth grade from both St. Paul’s and St. Joseph’s to introduce only a small portion of what they would be expecting once entering the next stage of their education. While visiting, they were able to tour throughout the school, participate in hands-on activities led by two of our highly prestigious science educators, Ms. Bilal and Mr. Colabrese. The middle schoolers also enjoyed a nice lunch provided by our high school. Who is better to introduce the high school than the high school students themselves? We were blessed enough not only to show these students what awaits them but also to relive the first times we walked through the halls of Madonna ourselves.

As the seasons changed from fall to winter, so did our beloved sports. The past couple weeks marked the beginning of State Champion wrestlers, our competitive girls and boys basketball teams, and our upbeat cheerleaders. There are numerous seniors in all three sports this year, so you can expect well-seasoned and experienced players. Good luck to all of our Madonna athletes!

God calls those of good faith around the world to better themselves through him and to help others do the same. This is the basic goal and mission of Madonna High School. We try to show this motive in each and every one of our actions, both inside our walls and out. Here at Madonna, we are followers of Christ and leaders in the world. See you next week!

(Chartier, Alimario and Durante are students at Weirton Madonna High School)


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