It is a time for reflection and seeking forgiveness

It’s that time of year when students study for their final tests before Christmas break begins. It’s also a time of reflection and asking forgiveness in hopes of deepening our faith for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. During the Advent season, Madonna students love giving back to our community and school through prayers and works of mercy. Kelsey’s Christmas and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are just two of the numerous activities we have taken part in this past week.

Christ calls each of us to prepare for His birth during Advent. To prepare for the coming of the Messiah, Saint Joseph the Worker Church offered the Sacrament of Confession to all Madonna students. As Catholics, we must accept Jesus in both our hearts and minds. To do this, we must have a clear heart so there is room solely for God. This sacrament helps us achieve this goal and move closer to Christ. Confession is deeply rooted within the hearts of Madonnians and Catholics at large. This time for confession also doubled as a time for meditation and prayer for all students at Madonna who wished to further their relationship with the Lord.

Madonna students not only prepared themselves for the coming of Christ, but they also helped the community at large prepare. At the beginning of Advent, Madonna students began collected gifts to give to children currently infirmed at Children’s Hospital. By the end of the drive, the Madonna community collected numerous presents and $500 to bring those children much-needed Christmas joy.

This week Madonna students prepared for their mid-term exams. On Monday through Thursday, two periods of exams will be administered each day, with Friday being the make-up day. However, seniors have the privilege of being exempt from exams, on the condition that they have an A in the class and they have fewer than 3 unexcused absences. Hopefully the students will be able to finish the year strong and come back refreshed after Christmas break.

It’s evident that the Catholic Faith is a principal factor in each and every person’s life who attends Madonna. Whether it means partaking in Mass or donating toys, Madonna students are always the first to step up to the plate and dedicate all their time and effort in hopes of making our community a better place. At Madonna we are followers of Christ and leaders in the world. See you next week!

(Chartier, Durante and Alimario are students at Weirton Madonna High School)