Keep a better eye on our youth

To the Editor,

Last August my godson was shot and killed in Toronto. Since his murder I have sat back and watched as our youth have been taking sides. Those that support the three accused of Dylan’s death have been vocal about Dylan’s body and his murder, with every post leading into a verbal war. I have witnessed people threatening to murder one another as if death was nothing but a game. I’ve listened to supporters on both sides put themselves in harms way. I, alongside of James Lancaster, have went into social media and while standing at the Toronto Police station we called for peace on both sides. It’s important for the parents of these young people to monitor their children’s social media accounts!

Our youth are in serious trouble! Kids nowadays do not fight with their fists. They are fighting by pulling guns and pulling the trigger! My question stands for each and every parent in the Ohio Valley, how many more of our children have to be buried before we wake up and change the paths that these kids are on? I read one parent saying it isn’t the parents’ fault because they cannot control their teenager. None of these kids live out on their own! Each one of them live under their parents’ roof. So there are plenty of things parents can do to prevent their child from mixing into the wrong crowd.

I am not calling every parent out! I am simply saying the police cannot raise your children for you. And everyone remembers how their lives were while a rebellious teenager. No matter if your child is getting in trouble and doesn’t care. Or your child is a straight A student and is the perfect poster child for the American Teen, parents please pay attention to what your children are doing. Last August I took my 18-year-old godson to his grave. I do not want to see another senseless killing!

More than four lives were affected last August! Dylan Monroe’s life was cut short! We’ll never get our Dylan back! The lives of the three accused for his murder all of their lives are ruined! And those that care for them have to feel their loss as well!

Our Valley is a beautiful place to live! Our citizens are some of the best people you could ask for! But as we stand today our youth are in trouble! They say it takes a village. So I am calling on everyone in the valley to talk with your children! Pay attention to their social media platforms. And please let’s teach our youth to spread love and erase all of this hate! I am not putting the blame on just one set of people. We are all responsible for how our youth acts! The “Not my kid” is not acceptable any longer! If the drug epidemic has taught us anything it’s that no one is safe! However if we can change the path our youth are on we can change the future. I love this valley. Please help us clean it up!

James Keller



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