Time to do a countdown on Kiaski clocks

The absence of a clock in one room led to a discussion about and a count of how many timekeepers are in other rooms in the house we call home sweet home museum.

This topic came up yet again when Better Half and I were watching television in the living room, long referred to as “the piano room” because there’s a piano in it. Duhh. Fitting name for a place with a piano in it for decades, I suppose.

And sooner or later, we’re inevitably asking each other now and again the same old question — “What time is it anyway?”

Sure we could probably find out on the TV somewhere or look at a watch if we wore one or check our cell phones, but we are kind of old school here, truth be told.

Our natural inclination is to expect a clock to be right in front of our faces somewhere.

Given that, we crane our necks and look around the room, this way and that way, thinking we’re actually going to find a clock on the wall or a tick-tock device on a piece of furniture somewhere, but no.

There is not one clock in the living room, a.k.a. piano room.

Why is that? we wondered aloud to each other, which ended up as just another good excuse to shrug our shoulders and play dumb. Que sera, sera.

So why so many clocks in the kitchen became our next detective/Inspector Clouseau pursuit.

Would you believe there are six spots where you can look in the kitchen to see what time it is? Six!

There are two clocks on the walls and one on top of the refrigerator — all of them with a coffee theme in compliance with the room’s allegiance to caffeine.

Then there’s the clock on three appliances — the microwave, the stove (which always gives me a chilly response because we have limited interaction) and the coffeepot.

When it comes to that appliance, we are on a first-name basis.

Of course, all six clocks don’t offer the same time so you’re either late, early or punctual. Take your pick.

There are six interpretations here, but at least they all honor the same time zone.

All the other rooms in the house have clocks of one sort or another as you might expect, including in bedrooms so the alarms can effectively wake up the wrong people, not the sound sleepers they’re supposed to alert.

And there’s one in the “cowgirl cave,” my version of a man cave. But time stands still there, only because I keep forgetting to change the battery.

The living room/piano room isn’t the only room, however, minus a timekeeper, we discovered during our officially unofficial room-by-museum-room clock count.

We realized that there aren’t any clocks in either bathroom.


That’s probably a good thing, we decided.

Who needs deadline pressure in the bathroom?

Maybe an egg timer if you’re showering and intent upon saving on the old water bill.

I don’t know if we’ll take matters into our own hands and hang a clock in the television/piano room or not one of these days.

I suppose time will tell.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at jkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.)


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