Five things you can still find in my house

I saw a post on Facebook about five things people don’t keep in their homes anymore.

A roll of the drum here, ladies and gentlemen… and those would be DVDs, CDs, file cabinets, takeout menus and wall calendars.


Lies, lies and more lies, was my initial reaction because all five are things I have (and plenty of them, mind you) but I get that technology changes, which means new things we embrace in our culture make old things go out of style and fall into the no-longer-needed category.

This same post will offer a picture of something from time to time, challenging you to think about what this particular item is, and if you do know what it is, well, guess what? You’re kind of old, honey, or maybe it was just a lucky guess on your part, yes?

A recent one was a picture of the plastic adapter insert that snapped in the middle of a 45 record.

As someone who used to need those and use those to hear music when I was growing up, I knew the importance of that funny looking piece of plastic, but try explaining to a modern-day teenager what its purpose and function were.

It’s a what?

The stuff of history class.

These ongoing posts remind me, too, of displays my mother would fix periodically for Richmond Community Historical Society Crew House Museum displays. Same principle here. There’d be an item from days of old with an index card in front of it. What am I? On the back of the card, the answer.

But back to the five things people don’t keep in their house anymore, wall calendars being one of them. That kind of threw me, because ironically, when I saw this, I had actually been scouring around the house in search of an extra calendar to hang.

Yep, I confess. I still rely on these larger-than-life, flip-through-the-months markers of time to keep me and Better Half informed about everything from work schedules and church events to doctors’ appointments and birthdays.

Full moon acknowledgments are equally important since they explain sour moods, so we tell each other apologetically.

A calendar is as much a staple of the kitchen as a stove or refrigerator.

We’ve got two calendars hanging in the garage, too. Never mind that they’re not exactly current — a 1991 one from Dorsey County Pride Foods, the other from Richmond Hardware and Supply, 1989.

Yes, we have stacks of DVDs and CDs around, maybe destined to be coasters of the future.

And I have a file cabinet or two, not that anything is in them to validate organizational skills. More like a lack thereof.

And some of my best leisurely time spent reading?

Yes, takeout menus … stacked right next to my rotary dial phone.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted atjkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.)


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