A shot and a Kiwanis meeting — life is good

Would you expect a shot and a Kiwanis meeting to make your week something out of the ordinary, something special?

And, on top of that, to get some of the gray out of your head of hair?

The answer is “yes” on all three counts.

In this case, the shot went in the right arm — not down the hatch — and made me think I was on my way to returning to a more normal life.

Normal, in the sense, that hopefully we’re ultimately moving away from virtual hugs to real ones, genuine handshakes to fist bumps and elbow bumps and a life where we won’t have to wonder who’s behind those masks. Or need a translator to understand what’s being said.

We can be real people again going places and doing stuff and living life. Yes!

Getting my first COVID-19 vaccination at the Prime Time Center on Lovers Lane in Steubenville proved to be a pain-free, pleasant experience for me.

Now pain-free and pleasant might not be the adjectives you’d expect to associate with getting a shot, but it was definitely the case when I got the first of my two Pfizer shots, with the other one scheduled for later this month.

Everything was run with great efficiency with a capital “E.” It took less time for me to check in, get the shot and wait 15 minutes in case there was some adverse reaction to it than it takes me to decide if I want to order regular french fries, sweet potato fries or a baked potato with my meal (choices do tend to complicate menu matters, don’t you know).

The shot administering itself happened so quickly I wondered aloud if it had even happened at all.

Are you sure you gave me the shot? I asked the nurse who tended to me.

Yep. Mission accomplished.

By evening there was a wee bit of soreness in my arm, and if I were a big baby always wailing for a “wammm-bulance,” I might have milked the shot for all it was worth.

If I weren’t so responsible about reporting to work, I’d have reported off, recruiting Better Half to write me a proper note.

“To Whom It May Concern — Janice regrettably can’t come to the newspaper office today because she has a sore arm. Sort of.”

Another sign of some normalcy returning was the resumption of the Steubenville Kiwanis Club meetings on Tuesdays.

Like many organizations, the club hasn’t met for a year so how great it was to see such a healthy turnout for the first of many Tuesday noon luncheon meetings and programs to come.

It was good to see so many Kiwanians even if they were hidden a bit behind their masks.

Better a masked Kiwanian than no Kiwanian.

It’s heartening to be receiving news of other organizations resuming in-person meetings, too, including the Wintersville Woman’s Club, set to gather Thursday.

Looks like it’s a good thing I got my hair done earlier this week, got some of the gray under cover and restored some sassiness to the style.

Color me happy. Or highlight me happy.

Yep, a special week it was.

And now we spring ahead for Daylight Saving Time this weekend, bringing us longer days of daylight.

Life is good!


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