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Concerned about our driving

February 1, 2014 My mother is terrified of my driving. more »»

Maybe we should skip the Olympics

January 26, 2014 The Olympic games in Sochi, Russia are only a few weeks away, but the usual excitement doesn’t seem to be there. more »»

Legislative column: Looking out for labor

January 26, 2014 Work continues here in Charleston under the golden dome as the West Virginia Legislature enters it's third week of the 2014 Regular Session. more »»

Legislative column: Protecting the citizens from unfair costs

January 26, 2014 As the session gets up and running, many residents in the Northern Panhandle have brought to my attention changes going into effect because of the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform and Modernization... more »»

Legislative column: Making sure similar disasters don't happen again

January 26, 2014 The first two and a half weeks of the legislative session have been dominated by the Jan. 9, 2014 chemical spill which left nearly 300,000 state residents without consumable water. more »»

From the Pulpit: A great time for a fresh start

January 26, 2014 We find ourselves in the final week of January, it has been very cold with snow. more »»

Keeping eye on the future

January 26, 2014 You don’t have to be a real car person to enjoy a day surrounded by new cars. That was evident last weekend when the North American International Auto Show began its public run in Detroit’s Cobo Hall. more »»

It’s time to wake up and go to sleep

January 26, 2014 I have never understood the logic of waking someone up to go to sleep. And yet that’s been happening to me most of my life. Think about it. more »»

Guest column/Oil and gas tax dollars should stay in our area

January 26, 2014 Since taking office, Gov. John Kasich has promised to raise Ohio’s severance tax on oil and gas producers to provide income tax relief to all Ohioans. more »»

Days of school sports and tips

January 26, 2014 Because we had not seen our grandchildren, Matthew and Jessie, at any of their sports events since school started, we traveled to Lewis Center last Wednesday morning for two days of school sports. more »»

A family day at the museums

January 25, 2014 Spontaneous ideas are the best ideas, as far as I am concerned. The Long Suffering Husband is a planner. more »»

Waiting for that little smile

January 25, 2014 Spontaneous ideas are the best ideas, as far as I am concerned. The Long Suffering Husband is a planner. more »»

I should see more of our state

January 19, 2014 Over the holidays I heard about a program put on by West Virginia’s state parks. It’s called the Very Important Parks Person — or VIPP. more »»

Guest column: Honored to serve you

January 19, 2014 The second session of the 81st Legislature began last week and the Legislature quickly started the legislative process of introducing legislation and discussing and debating ideas and issues in... more »»

Guest column: Legislative session gets an early start

January 19, 2014 As we begin the legislative session, I am honored to be representing the hard working citizens of Hancock and Brooke counties. more »»

From the Pulpit: Let the church be of one mind

January 19, 2014 When a church is having disputes over things that are of little importance, what is that a sign of? How does the immaturity of a congregation limit the content of the teaching and preaching? What is... more »»

Baseball still special sport

January 19, 2014 No matter how hard anyone tries, they can’t change the fact that baseball remains a great game. The latest blemish was revealed on Jan. more »»

The Paul possibilities are endless

January 19, 2014 “What’s been going on in your life?” my co-worker asked the question, not necessarily nibbing for an answer but for inspiration. more »»

Guest column/It’s time for us to choose to start working again

January 19, 2014 After spending several days with a large group of business executives in the heart of Appalachia, I came away impressed. more »»

Cold weather equals low activity

January 19, 2014 I predicted that the time would come when I would have a short supply of pictures for my column. more »»

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