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New ways to encourage entrepreneurship

June 26, 2016 We often hear about residents of our area wishing there were more businesses from which to choose, whether they be locally owned or a franchise of some national chain. more »»

Inspiration from 10,000 crosses

June 26, 2016 We had just buried my brother-in-law, Attorney John R Yeager III, decorated Vietnam veteran and advocate hero to many. more »»

Keeping the summer in June 20, 2016

June 26, 2016 This is a column about how I spent Monday, June 20th, 2016, the first official day of summer. I devoted the bulk of it working to maintain a positive attitude despite doses of daily-life interference. more »»

Preserving area’s mining heritage

June 26, 2016 Many residents in Harrison, Jefferson and Belmont counties have had grandfathers and dads who worked in the deep, dark confines of the coal mine. more »»

Shedding, evil cats and yipping dogs

June 25, 2016 Space Cat is made of equal parts hair and evil. The hair is obvious, especially when I’m wearing anything blac. more »»

‘Gotcha’ moment calls for dad jewelry

June 19, 2016 The day began with a “gotcha’” moment. They come with less frequency now given my dad passed away very unexpectedly more than 22 years ago. more »»

Program encourages community involvement

June 19, 2016 This year’s class of Leadership Weirton came to an end Tuesday, capping off six months of learning about the community, learning about teamwork and finding new ways to get involved. more »»

A studied subject now writing subject

June 19, 2016 I knew of Gen. George Armstrong Custer from my elementary school days when we studied history, something that always held my interest. more »»

My Jesus, I love thee

June 19, 2016 We love Him because He loved us. I John 4:19 "The young people of today are utterly dissolute and disorderly," fumed grumpy old Martin Luther in the 16th Centur. more »»

Looking foward to the end of cicadas

June 18, 2016 Does anyone know if we are on the down swing with the cicadas? Are we done with this? I’d like to be done with thi. more »»

The excitement of a lifetime, five years later

June 12, 2016 Five years ago this past week, our area experienced the culmination of months of excitement with the release of the movie “Super . more »»

Care enough to become a life-saver

June 12, 2016 Have you ever noticed how many of the yellow warning labels there are now on all kinds of products? Warning labels in your car about your seat belts and air bags, child safety seats, just to name a... more »»

The confessions of a cheese hoarder

June 12, 2016 In our many years together, Better Half and I have rarely argued about finances, family, politics, religion or child-rearing. But we have had our major moments over chees. more »»

Learning all about FFA organization

June 12, 2016 I came to know about the FFA organization when I started working at the Herald-Star office in Cadiz many years ago. more »»

Caffeine and forgotten anniversaries

June 11, 2016 I was tired. It was Thursday morning. more »»

Sometimes a younger perspective helps

June 5, 2016 As the years go by, many of us may feel as if we have lost our way. We’ve all had goals we’ve not accomplished, places we’ve not gotten to visit, et. more »»

From persecutor to preacher to persecuted

June 5, 2016 When Saul held the cloaks of those who were stoning Stephen, little did he know that he would soon be preaching the same gospel! He went from being a zealous opposer to the foremost preacher and... more »»

Rolling out the cicada welcome mat

June 5, 2016 You would think that when you only have certain “visitors” show up once every 17 years that you could tough it out and demonstrate a little hospitality. more »»

Some 2016 Memorial Day memories

June 5, 2016 How was your Memorial Day weekend? The weather was highly agreeable, there were many choices of where to go for an American Legion service, and they all had food at the conclusion. more »»

Legendary teachers and Canadians

June 4, 2016 “Canadians have false advertising,” Sassy Saint told me. more »»

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