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Of flowers and forecasts and running

April 10, 2016 I’d never heard this forsythia and forecast theory before. But what older sisters tell you, you’re inclined to give some credence to, I know from past experience. more »»

Back from Myrtle and on with news

April 10, 2016 Where ‘ere you may wander, there’s no place like home. I heard that in a song long ago and thought they were saying “where air” you may wander until my dad explained what it wa. more »»

‘Star Wars’ helps to earn Mom points

April 9, 2016 The Little Professor is a big fan of the “Star Wars” movies. I am not. I don’t remember when I first watched the original trilogy; probably on cable. more »»

Adults need to set a better example

April 3, 2016 About this time last week, I was standing in the outfield of the Edwin J. Bowman ballfield in Weirton watching around 400 local youth, and their parents, run around gathering plastic Easter eggs. more »»

Our commitment will overcome our limitations

April 3, 2016 As no one has power over the wind to contain it, so no one has power over the time of their death. As no one is discharged in time of war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it. more »»

Of thought questions and who are you

April 3, 2016 Believe it or not, I hate filling out forms or doing resumes where you have to write about yourself, mainly because who you are doesn’t always necessarily translate well onto paper. more »»

Stroll down Smithfield memory lane

April 3, 2016 There is a billboard coming down Sunset Boulevard that tells us that we should “love where we live.” I say a big yahoo to that. more »»

Trouble with memory and letting go

April 2, 2016 My father, Grampy Grumpy, has accused me of slander. I refute this, because the truth is the best defense and, also, you can’t slander someone in print. It’s libe. more »»

Sometimes all it takes is to get outside

March 27, 2016 Growing up, I was often told to “go outside and get the stink blown off” me. It wasn’t necessarily a situation where I smelled funny. I bathed. more »»

A calendar message for the season

March 27, 2016 There’s a calendar on my desk at work, but it’s not one that I look to as a reminder of what day of the week it is or as a blueprint for the day’s demands. more »»

Of Easter weather, hats and more

March 27, 2016 Since I am writing this column four days before Easter, I have no idea what the weather will be like for one of the greatest religious days of the year. more »»

Revelations from a sick day

March 26, 2016 So, I got a call from the school. Not my children’s school — my nephew, the Heathenish, was ill. My sister, Foo-Dog, was at work and couldn’t bail. Could I come and get him? Well, yea. more »»

Do political endorsements really matter?

March 20, 2016 We’re down to five presidential candidates — three Republicans and two Democrats — with another couple of months of primary voting to go. more »»

The power of the anchor of unity

March 20, 2016 Acts 27:29 "Then fearing lest we should have fallen upon the rocks, they cast four anchors out of the stern, and wished for the day." Life's storms can come from anywher. more »»

Outside counsel initiative makes good government policy

March 20, 2016 West Virginia taxpayers deserve transparency, competitive bidding and millions of dollars in cost savings, all of which my administration delivered with its implementation of an outside counsel... more »»

‘I wasn’t paying a bit of attention’

March 20, 2016 “I wasn’t paying a bit of attention.” Better Half shook his head as he verbalized what was a harsh reality for me to hear. more »»

Connecting with readers’ feedback

March 20, 2016 I get a warm feeling when one of my Boomer stories strikes a familiar note with readers, such as an e-mail from Marlyn Klee, a Smithfield High School graduate who said she received my Harperville... more »»

Mapping our way to Easter fun

March 19, 2016 It’s a break through, y’all: Grampy Grumpy has finally conceded that he needs a map for the annual family Easter egg hunt. more »»

We’re pulling a Stella and a Ruth Ann

March 13, 2016 Never let it be said we aren’t influenced by our parents. I was reminded of this anew when I watched what Better Half did to a tube of toothpaste the other morning. more »»

A lot of activities are around the corner

March 13, 2016 You may have noticed the sun is shining more brightly these days, and the air is warming up. I’ve even seen the beginnings of some daffodil blossoms popping up in the yard. more »»

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