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Saints and sinners

March 20, 2016 To the Editor, Sunday sermon: Saints and sinners. Mother Teresa to be made a saint. Mother Teresa caring for the sick and homeless in India for decades, never asking you gay, lesbian, rich or poor. more »»

Where is the concern?

March 13, 2016 To the Editor, The Weirton Woman's Club, of which I'm a member, sponsored an important program for the public at the Mary H. Weir Library on March 5, with refreshments. We also advertised. more »»

Resident questions city budget measures

March 13, 2016 To the Editor, When I read the city proposed a $20 million budget for next year, I wrote a hellfire-and-brimstone letter, because we are going from a $15. more »»

Nation needs to do what is right

March 6, 2016 To the Editor, The great Obama continues to amaze me with his arrogance. Why could he not get out to attend the funeral service for Justice Scalia? Maybe he was practicing his golf swing. more »»

Covering many topics

March 6, 2016 To the Editor, The Constitution: Keep church and state separate, This should be a self-imposed directive for all reputable news outlets, keeping one's opinion of religion separate. more »»

Get a taste of the world

February 28, 2016 To the Editor, Has spring sprung? Not yet! But it is time to put away the snowman and make plans to attend the spring's main even. more »»

Republicans must stick together

February 28, 2016 To the Editor, The May 10 West Virginia primary election is fast approaching. more »»

Obama's nominee should be approved

February 28, 2016 To the Editor, The passing of Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia brings the struggle about his replacement between Republicans in the Senate, who remain in the majority, and President... more »»

What’s in the GOP’s water?

February 21, 2016 To the Editor, Charleston, the capital. more »»

A little bit won’t hurt

February 21, 2016 To the Editor, My son called recently, grousing about a hospital he worked at that was admitting patients to the emergency room for testing that could have been done as a scheduled outpatient. more »»

March Madness is coming

February 21, 2016 To the Editor, OK, college basketball playoffs are just right around the corner. Numerous teams across the country are paired up with each other. Some teams have never played each othe. more »»

Football team can be great for area

February 14, 2016 To the Editor, In regards to the semi-pro football article on Tuesday, February 9. I was a bit intrigued to hear that Hancock County has an opportunity to be home to a semi pro football tea. more »»

Empty promises

February 14, 2016 To the Editor, Going on three weeks and waiting! What's wrong with our town? I notified the police department & cable company about a 10 foot cable hanging down on Marland Heights, and I got a,... more »»

Politicians are ruthless people

February 14, 2016 To the Editor, Political behavior is found from your local bridge club, to the local fire and police departments, all the way up to the national level. more »»

Keep an eye on your health

February 7, 2016 To the Editor, OK, all of us like to spend an evening relaxing, watching the big screen TV, or just reminiscing with family and friends. more »»

An angel among us

February 7, 2016 To the Editor, I live in a high-rise in downtown Weirton. more »»

Some issues rehashed

February 7, 2016 To the Editor, Issues rehashed in 50 words or less, and chosen at random: • The conservative pundits get so pumped up in what the Heritage and other conservative think tanks say, they can't think... more »»

Trump will be good enough

January 31, 2016 To the Editor, Speaking as a conservative, I don't like, or trust, Donald Trum. more »»

Freedom of worship still under attack

January 31, 2016 To the Editor, The freedom to worship God is at the center of the 2016 presidential election. more »»

Unions already voluntary

January 24, 2016 To the Editor, The right to work legislation being pushed through the West Virginia legislature will do exactly the opposite of what it promises; these laws take freedom away from working class... more »»

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