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Protect the cats of Toronto

May 6, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I take my hat off to Debby Muczynski for the letter she wrote in the April 22 edition directed at the Toronto officials who are the worst villains for unanimously approving the mayor's request to hire an individual to collect cats and other feral animals within the city limits to be taken to shelters or relocated to more suitable environments ("Toronto officials must hate cats.")

Mayor John Geddis and members of city council - I am sure you have more important issues to take care of than to spend your time victimizing helpless and homeless cats. Try utilizing your time more efficiently by going after the real criminals who roam the streets, like thieves and drug traffickers, instead of innocent cats. Taxpayers keep the roofs over your heads, so earn it.

What about all of the people who do not have their pets spayed or neutered? Maybe even some council members are guilty of this act. Pet owners should take responsibility for their pets. Our officials do not enforce laws for mandatory spaying and neutering to eliminate this overpopulation problem or punish the offenders who abandon these animals. Instead of doing prevention, our officials choose to do harm.

Residents of Toronto, do not be deceived into thinking that local shelters house feral cats. With the overabundance of cats already in shelters, all cats captured will meet their demise by being euthanized. Any owners of domesticated cats better beware.

Also, many of these so-called trappers do this for one reason - it is to kill the animals and skin them to sell their hides. Surely, you are aware of this inhumane brutality occurring to support the fur trade. or, they will be sent to research labs for dissection for science.

Those of who hate animals so much and complain should look into a mirror, for you have a big, big problem. Try feeding, housing, spaying and neutering these abandoned cats and dogs. You just might discover you have a wee bit of a heart.

In fact, some stray animals in some countries are trapped, neutered and released to where they were captured. After a 10-year period in Britain, detailed records kept on feral cat colonies revealed that TNR is cheaper, more efficient, humane and acceptable to the public.

In Italy, feral cats are protected, and anyone who breaks the law by mistreating them goes to jail.

What we need are more caring people who will fight for the rights of all defenseless animals and send the animal haters to the shelters to see how they are victimized. Good people of Toronto, let your city officials know that you resent their actions. Shout it out loud by voicing your concerns, attending council meetings or sending letters and e-mails. Don't stand by and do nothing. Do not penalize these innocent animals, because it is not their fault - cruel people are responsible.

Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak on their behalf.

Gilda Birmingham


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