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A road trip from here to there

September 17, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

Franciscan University of Steubenville's Bill Jones continues to prove that talent is talent regardless of which collegiate division an athlete participates.

He ran the five-mile course at the Notre Dame Catholic Championships Saturday in South Bend in 24:22, breaking his old school record by 27 seconds.

Jones finished second in the race that held 276 runners, representing 34 teams, in Divisions I, II and III. Notre Dame's Jeremy Rae won the race after he overtook Jones in the final half mile.

"It's a huge personal best for me. I feel great," Jones said. "It was my first five- mile race of the season. I felt like I proved myself. I was happy to finish with as good of a time as I did. This is a great representation for our school."

Jones appreciated the competition.

"We dueled it out pretty much the whole way. It's a learning experience," Jones said. "Next time I'm going to kick even harder in the end. I made him work for it though. I knew that I would make him go through the house of pain. I have nothing but respect for him."

Congratulations to the Indian Creek boys cross country team for winning the Meadowbrook Invitational Saturday.

Another good game in Cadiz this week as 4-0 St. Clairsville visits 4-0 Harrison Central.

St. Clairsville quarterback Matt Kinnick is being overlooked. Maybe not by opposing coaches, mind you, but by a lot of others.

I like the Redskins football team to bounce back Saturday at Bellaire with a really good performance.

People can talk all they want about the NFL replacement referees, but, in reality, the NFL brass really doesn't care how these guys are doing.

There are zero major injuries because they are working and people are still watching the games.

It's all up to the regular NFL referees if they want to go back to work.

If not, the NFL will continue to use the replacements and save some money.

Regardless of what we think, teenagers crave discipline, rules and higher expectations.

Yes, crave.

This doesn't mean they always enjoy that part of their lives, but they will appreciate down the line and appreciate it more now that we adults will ever know.

How in the world does someone change the locks at a facility and not tell anyone?

Quit placing blame and look in the mirror.

I hope the NHL lockout continues until about 2018.

I am not a big fan of a sport where the game completely changes when playoff time comes. There is a reason players no longer fight in the playoffs - because they know how much it hurts their team.

So, the game changes - and for the better.

The NBA stinks all the time.

The game is hard to watch and referees call traveling about .02 percent of the time.

The cynic in me says Ohio State should be happy Saturday's game was in the Horseshoe and not Berkeley.

Braxton Miller and Geno Smith are special quarterbacks.

The only difference between Little League and youth football is that the football players are wearing helmets so they cannot hear the pathetically stupid things coming from the stands.

If the mountain was smooth, we couldn't climb it.

It's not always good when compromises happen.

Standards must be set high and kept there, or even raised once in a while.

Just because someone is working hard doesn't mean they are working correctly.

Huge bang-bang play on the Mike Wallace touchdown and the replacement ref got it right. Who woulda guessed that?

The more that I am around sports and the more I am at various athletic venues, the more I realize that parents and other adults need to get kicked out more often.

I haven't heard it all when attending these games over the years, but I have heard a lot.

But, what I have yet to hear are other adults telling the loudmouths to sit down and shut up.

Athlete, coaches and referees will make mistakes during a contest because sports is reactionary. But, what comes out of our mouths is a choice, not an accident.

And, I really don't want to hear how bad the officials are when one-third of the game is yet to be played and the game has been long over.

With that being said, I also believe there needs to be a conscious effort put forward to understanding which officials are assigned to which game. If it's going to be a high-volume, high-intensity basketball game, three officials need to be on the court who can handle that type of situation.

God loves us in spite of us.

Continuing to look like that Brad Lincoln trade wasn't the best idea.

It's not that the Pirates don't want to win, they are still learning how to win. The culture is slowly changing, but never fast enough for fans.

Chris Johnson has done a lot of good things for the Tennessee Titans since his holdout.

Holdouts are nothing but greed.

Yes, 0-4 is not fun, but at least your son is still wearing pads.

Looks like Sean Payton really is missed on the sidelines.

The Cowboys continue to disappoint.

The Brandon Weeden haters can relax. The person the Browns fans should not be happy with is Joe Haden for being suspended four games. That, folks, is the epitome of not being a good teammate.

The pass interference call in the NFL is akin to the block/charge call in the NBA. No one is ever happy.

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at and can be followed on Twitter at @MathisonMike).

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