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Getting ready for more football

September 24, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

Five weeks down, five to go (six in West Virginia) as the fastest 10 weeks (11 in West Virginia) of our lives continues to roll along.

Steubenville Catholic Central is in the playoff hunt, now No. 7 in the Division VI, Region 21 standings.

The Crusaders host No. 11 Conotton Valley at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Game on.

Steubenville Big Red dropped its first game of the season, 24-7, Friday at Massillon.

But, what should be of concern to its opponents is that Big Red won the final three quarters, 7-3.

Indian Creek manned up Saturday afternoon at Nelson Field to blank high-flying Bellaire. I guess it didn't give up seven touchdowns.

The Redskins get Union Local this week before taking on Martins Ferry, Harrison Central and Buckeye Local.

The Huskies were handed their first loss last week at the hands of talented St. Clairsville.

Harrison Central visits Cartwright Field Friday.

Oak Glen has lost three in a row and you all just really need to step away from the coaching staff.

This is a really good staff and the Golden Bears are still in the playoff hunt.

Madonna took care of business last week at Cameron and needs to do the same Saturday night against Bridgeport.

The Blue Dons then hit the road for three in a row at Bishop Donahue, Clarksburg Notre Dame and Steubenville Catholic Central.

Buckeye Local has a huge home game Friday against rival Martins Ferry, a team the Panthers always play well against.

Brooke, Edison, Toronto and Weir have all struggled early for different reasons.

There are 42 seniors on those four teams who have worked hard for the final regular season of their high school careers.

Continue to support them.

Nice to see that Melky Cabrera did the right thing just after Bud Selig refused.

I wonder how English teachers are doing teaching the language during the 140-character Twitter world?

Can you imagine of the "we need to jump rope without a jump rope to help kids' self-esteem" wormed its way into the sports world? Oh yeah, it has.

Cam Newton needs to watch Drew Brees in a press conference after a loss.

Jay Cutler needs to watch Clint Hurdle in a press conference after a loss.

If I were Hurdle, I would have been kicked out of Saturday's loss, too. Can't blame him at all.

It's really easy to say thank you, please and you're welcome. Really doesn't take much effort at all.

Saying "no" is really easy thing for me as a parent and a coach. Not hard at all.

Coaches do not work that hard to fail, but failure is a part of sports.

I am still a really big fan of Lolo Jones.

My job as a parent is to raise my children to honor God.

An example has to be crystal clear.

Good luck to all area golfers as their playoffs begin today.

Good luck to the 16 soccer teams in the OVAC Cup.

I really value the discussions I have with coaches.

To business owners, it's really not attractive when I see your employees outside the establishment smoking.

Regardless of how good or bad your team is, turnovers will contribute greatly in the loss.

How much turnover will happen during the offseason with the new Cleveland Browns owner?

There are two reasons why five women serve in a church to one man - examples and egos.

Miguel Cabrera is the clear MVP over Mike Trout. Cabrera is in a position to win the Triple Crown, something that has not been done since Carl Yazstremski in 1967. The vote shouldn't be close.

OK Pirates fans, you have been whining about what the Pittsburgh brass didn't do before the trade deadline. What did you want them to do?

The Dodgers signed $252 million and they aren't in the playoffs, either.

A.C. Green played for the Los Angeles Lakers during the Showtime years with Pat Riley coach and Magic Johnson leading the way. Green remained a virgin until his marriage on April 20, 2002 at the age of 38. Yes, teenagers, it can be done.

Green holds the record for most consecutive games played in NBA/ABA history at 1,192.

He averaged 9.6 points and 7.4 rebounds in his 16-year career.

If we set the bar high for teenagers, they will reach it. We can never lower the bar.

The difference between responsibility and accountability is ...?

It will be a miracle if there is not a major accident at the University Boulevard and state Route 7 intersection. I was at the light preparing to turn left toward Toronto Friday night and I watched a 18-wheeler flat bed hauling tail in the right-hand lane (you know, the alleged turn lane) and fit himself between two other 18-wheelers.

If there would have been a crash there, the clean up would still be going on.

I would love to be the traffic cop there making the cars in the right lane turn right and not allow them to go straight and merge left.

The Ryder Cup from Medinah Country Club this weekend should be really good television.

It's OK to fail, be disappointed and go through adversity. Those three things are not fatal diseases.

We have to stop devaluing life.

It appears the Steelers will have to ride Ben's arm instead of the defense.

My fantasy team is terrible. I just got lucky this week.

It's OK if kids play dodgeball.

Why can't adults keep things in perspective?

Mike McHenry needs to be the full-time catcher.

Excuses are not attractive.

It appears the Arizona Cardinals are a really good team.

The NFC West is no longer a joke.

I think Ryan Mundy is going to be about $50,000 lighter really soon.

The Buckeyes cannot continue to ride Braxton Miller like they have through four games.

I put the over/under on Saturday's Mountaineers game with Baylor at about 109.

Nice to see that the Sooners continue to not disappoint.

I hear "move back" way too much on Friday nights.

Arby's commercial with the pigeon is pretty funny.

Is the New Orleans Saints 0-3 start proof that head coaches deserve what they get paid?

Yep, unless you are Norv Turner.

We didn't have Madden '13 in my day. We actually went outside and played "accidentally-on-purpose" tackle.

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at and can be followed on Twitter at @MathisonMike).

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