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Board of education atrocity

October 14, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Efforts from the Mayor of Chester, Kenny Morris and an anonymous donor, who generously offered up $250,000, for the payment of the field in Newell were shot down at Monday night's board meeting.

I find this appalling, disgusting and just a little suspicious. Exactly how much does the board believe the field is worth, whom are they planning to sell to, and what is the future of this precious section of our little town, Newell?

I was left in shock and disbelief this week, by the actions at Monday night's meeting and wonder now, what the future of the field is to be? Sad day for the people of the area, and although they may not realize it now, sad dark day for members of the school board, who voted this down.

I believe their days as board members are numbered, totaling the days until next election. Remember their names folks.

I wonder if they could spend five minutes worrying about Allison Elementary and it's lack of heating instead of how much profit they can make on the sale of the old field. Of course, the field of dreams is complete. I imagine the students can take comfort in that!

One big atrocity.

Robin Adams


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