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Veterans deserve our thanks

November 11, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

A 10-year war, and when veterans come home, what do we say to those who have been trained to kill in the name of freedom to protect our country first to save the nation and keep our loved ones free and safe?

What do we say to the families waiting for coffins draped in flags, men and women who made the supreme sacrifice to secure a sanctuary for democratic freedom for all Americans and future generations?

What do we say to the heroes and heroines mamed and lamed and being hugged by family and friends?

What do we say? What do we do? Thank you isn't enough.

It would be in the best interest of Congress to open its pursestrings with unconditional support and guarantee veterans no-holds-barred health care first and foremost. The stress of war is great.

They asked no quarter in battle and they'll ask no quarter when coming home. It's the duty of the country they protected and kept free to reward our veterans with the greatest respect deserving a warrior.

Viva America, and long live America, thanks to our veterans. Their rewards should be great.

Steve Kopa


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