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Don't depend on government

November 11, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

I write this in response to many of the articles that I have read in the paper this past year from our friends on the left. Some writers think that we'll all be starving with our bellies bloated if rich people don't pay more in taxes while others suggest that we vote Democrat and not 'Bite the Hand that feeds you.'

I gather these ideas are to take us back to soup lines, the Great Depression and the idea that government action helped save the day. They seem to forget that the world is not the same and has advanced in spite of government. Food is now more abundant and costs less although there have been increases in recent years due to the cost of fuel and the fact that we are putting corn in our gas tanks instead of our stomachs. The only food-related health issues that seem to be sweeping the country are obesity and Type II diabetes.

Others have commented on the earth's population and the fact that it is full and that we need all of the birth control and abortions we can get. How do they know? If we're full on the earth why is it that the Ohio Valley has lost about half of its population in the past 30 years. Not just the valley but the entire northeast of the country has been losing population. Some cities and countries with high population densities are some of the most prosperous in the world. Singapore and Hong Kong come to mind.

There also seems to be an ongoing fight by some against fossil fuels. Life on our planet is carbon based. Millions of years from now everything that you see on the surface today will be thousands of feet below the surface. Our homes, places of business, schools, hospitals and even graves will all be well below the surface. Then we'll be the fossil fuels. It's called the carbon cycle and will be around long after we are not. Coal and oil are not bad. The keys that I'm typing this letter on, along with other parts of the computer came out of a barrel of oil. It is powered by electricity provided by coal. If you have a paper in hand and are reading this article, parts of the ink also came out of a barrel of oil. Ground based solar energy is not cost effective at this time and makes no sense. It makes no sense because on a round spinning globe it will be pointed away from the sun 50 percent of the time. So even as the technology improves it will still be pointed away from the sun half of the time.

People need to be more independent and free. Free people are more productive and happy. People that always seem to be looking for a helping hand should maybe start looking at the end of their own wrist.

Brian Skidmore


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