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Help in finding Jesus

November 11, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

The sick 5-year-old little girl lay on her right side. Her caged bed faced the bare, pale green wall of the children's ward. A window by her bed was just as bare, except for a view of a cloudy gray sky. Tears gently fell from her light brown eyes onto her already tear soaked, matted auburn hair. She slowly turned her head to see the nurse walking by. She said softly, "I hurt so bad, can you make it stop?" "Honey we can't give you any medication for awhile. If you tell Jesus, that will help you feel better." The nurse went on to attend other children.

The child wondered who Jesus was; she'd never seen that person before. As the painful hours went by she'd ask everyone who walked by: "Are you Jesus? Are you Jesus? Are you Jesus?" They would simply smile and say, "No honey, I'm not." She became discouraged because her entire fragile little body throbbed like a massive toothache. She began to sob and roll from side to side trying to find a position that would ease her misery. "I wish Jesus would come and help me," she mumbled to herself. Night was coming and she was becoming exhausted.

Then a blonde petite, young nurse walked by. The child sobbed to her gently, her brown eyes swollen from weeping. "Please be Jesus, I need to tell you something." The nurse patted the child's arm saying, "I'll get someone for you." The child raised her heavy head slightly saying, "Tell Jesus to hurry, I hurt so bad." Nurse Alice quickly came. She tenderly gathered the child in her arms and took her to the "rocking room." The whimpering child said, "If I tell Jesus how bad I hurt, I'll feel better. That's what the nurse told me, but I don't know what Jesus looks like."

Nurse Alice told her this as she rocked her to and fro: "Jesus lives inside us all. Just look into the eyes of everyone who passes by and you will see him. In some people he is harder to see because they won't let him come out. But you'll be able to see him if they've asked him to share their lives with him. Those are the people you can talk to about Jesus. You can see him through their eyes. You can also talk to him when no one is around because he lives in you too; just tell him that you want to feel his love and comfort. He is just a whisper away. You don't ever have to feel alone." The child drifted off to restful, peaceful, sleep.

I'm sure you know a child that would like to see Jesus in the eyes of others who share their lives with him. You can bring them to Two Ridges Presbyterian Church for our third-annual Community Christmas Party at 6 p.m. Dec. 9. (A hint for the four extra surprises for children up to 10 years of age - "wheels.")

Mary M. Paice

Evangelism chairman

Two Ridges

Presbyterian Church

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