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Smart meters not good for consumer

November 25, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

So what is a smart meter, and why should I be concerned about them? What you don't know can hurt you. The utility companies plan to put three of them in your house whether you want them or not.

The current utility rates are based on a person going door-to-door recording your usage; a smart meter will transmit your reading off of your property. Sounds like a good idea, but the only benefits are to the utility companies. The utility companies won't need as many employees, so they can eliminate their jobs, but don't expect to see your rate drop with this new system.

With your information transmitted off your property, anyone can hack into the information that should be private. The chips in the meters are not that sophisticated and are easy to break into. A smart water meter can be hacked and can tell a thief that you are on vacation and haven't flushed your commode in five days. This is just one example of your lost privacy. No loss to the utility company, so it's not their problem.

Smart meters broadcast a radio frequency signal. The World Health Organization declared that RF radiation is a possible human carcinogen. Smart meters transmit a pulsed signal at a rate of two to 20 pulses a second, and research indicates that pulsed radiation induces a greater biological effect than constant radiation. Everyone in your house will be bombarded with this signal 24/7, and you cannot turn it off like every other electronic device you choose to use. Based on countless first hand reports, it is clear that some people are vulnerable to serious ill effects.

Meters have not been certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Every appliance in your home has to meet requirement of UL labs. Smart meters have not gone through their testing.

So what can the consumers do? First tell all your friends and neighbors, complain to the utility companies, educate yourself by going to on the Internet, and insist that your property rights are not to be ignored! The utility company expects you to roll over and comply!

Mike Lipa


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