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Are they setting a good example?

December 16, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Thank you Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, S. Korea, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Russia, India and scores of other nations for immediately responding with money and material to assist in helping during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. "Obuma," cut the freebees in half we give these friends and give the difference to Sandy's victims. No, better not, don't want to hurt terrorist or foreigners' feelings.

Sincere thanks to Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Red Cross, hundreds of religious, state and local charities for their donations. Did any atheist organizations respond?

Atheists don't like Christmas. Why? Because they are alone at Christmas and want to be noticed. No one thinks about them so they have to do something to gain their 30 seconds of infamy. They believe if America rejects God then government will be our god. They love the idea of no God. That means there are no personal morals, judgments or accountability. Atheists and secular progressives attack Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah so to use them as vehicles to advance gay, abortion issues. Why don't they attack Ramadan, or the University of Michigan for spending $25,000 for foot baths for Muslims, with the same fervor? They're afraid, they know Christians don't get physical. These people are insecure, miserable and unhappy so they want others to feel their pain. They only believe in tolerance if you agree with them. Christmas is a government holiday, get used to it. You don't want to celebrate it then don't watch football games, parades or take advantage of store sales. Maybe go serve food at a shelter on Christmas, that will be a nonsecular gesture. Go to work or read a book, stop trying to make others as miserable as yourselves. If atheists are correct - there is no God - when we die no one knows they were right. But if there is a God, they'll beg forgiveness. So be gracious just in case there is.

In Obuma's world if you do well, you're his ATM. Higher gasoline tax (he wants to add a punitive carbon tax on consumption), food prices, heating bills, 3.8 percent fee on house sales are here, the new norm. This guy is going on a $14 million vacation on his $400,000 salary. Really looking out for the middle class. Setting a good example, don't you think?

Union thugs in Michigan threaten "blood in the streets" if Michigan becomes a right to work state. So they did beat up several peaceful proponents of the bill who were also demonstrating. Let workers decide if a union is of value. If they think so they'll pay dues, if not it goes out of business. What a concept. AFL-CIO top thug, Richard Trumka, is proud of his bakers for putting Hostess out of business. Merry Christmas to the 18,500 other employees who are now out of work. These union imbeciles are so stupid it's painful. If only they would think for themselves. Another great concept.

Most racist organization in America: Congressional Black Women Caucus. Tune in and watch them work.

Barry Bardone


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