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No fear of Obama

December 23, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

This is in response to some GOP advocates and the Dec. 2 letter "Obama's not a good president."

Four years ago these die-hard conservatives started Obama's presidency with claims of no birth certificate, funny name, he's Muslim, his preacher's a no no, he'll be a czar, etc.

These wannabes are predicting our future again with the sky is falling.

House speaker Boehner fights tooth and nail to save the (poor little) multi-rich from their responsibility of a more fair tax and less ways of avoiding taxation with deductions, etc.

They say Obama wants to penalize success, think about it, the rich became successful with the sweat and blood of the American (and immigrant) workers and military people. They talk about the American dream, yea right! Their dream, our nightmare.

Let's face it, after a more fair tax the rich will still have their jet planes, yachts and million-dollar homes scattered worldwide.

My family was never on welfare, but always close to qualifying.

I, like millions of senior citizens, want the rich to quit boohooing about a fair, responsible tax to keep our country afloat. They owe it, darn it!

The people on SS and Medicare had to fight all our work life for our existence, now we have to fight these rich dudes to not take away our current existence.

SS, Medicare and even Medicaid is an American fought for right, not what conservatives call socialistic or communistic.

We fought for a non-communistic life so don't title our needs as socialistic and quit considering liberals as spendthrifts when all President Obama wants is to fight for American rights.

I remember as a child in Catholic school, a nun telling us that when we were out of school and got a job to always be responsible and thankful to our employers and that to loaf on the job is the same as stealing and breaking God's 8th Commandment.

That should go both ways, the rich shouldn't steal from us with absurd wages as paid to minimum wage earners.

They're also not fair to the USA and American people encouraging immigration due to their hoggishness.

I must disagree with that letter writer. Obama is a good president who has and will fight for all the American people.

You people with guns didn't lose them these past four years and won't lose them these next four. You church people who fear Obama condones abortion, he never did and won't, but he also won't go against the law of the land.

And you very rich 2 percent tax payers, a fair tax will be like a flu shot. You won't even feel it and it'll make everything better.

Please let me suggest that we all remember who Christmas is all about. Remember the less fortunate and ask WWJD? I wonder what Jesus would do in Boehner's shoes?

God bless all Americans, and Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas and a great 2013!

John Flara

New Cumberland

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