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What greater offense?

December 23, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

President Obama, in his heart-felt eulogy said the 20 little first grade innocents of Sandy Hook Elementary School were called home. The nation, in shock, mourns the loss of such precious little souls taken by a deranged psychotic with an AR-15.

I wish to make two points. First, an AR-15, by the flip of a switch, becomes a fully automatic machine gun with a maximum effective range of 75 feet that dispenses 20 5.56 mm projectiles in about two seconds. It is comparable to the M-16, both designed and used in Vietnam for close range combat. There is no other rationale for its use other than combat!

Second, and more importantly, our country has a mental disconnect about as severe as the homicidal maniac of Sandy Hook. Every day in this land in hundreds of clinics across the nation, the innocents are being slaughtered, not with guns but with scalpels that are just as deadly. And it is being financed by the tax subsidized national organization called "Planned Parenthood."

We can argue eternally at what stage in the gestation process we become fully human. But there can be no argument that what is developing is human with just as much potential that you and I have or the 20 little innocents had until last Friday.

This Christmas, when you contemplate the birth of the Christ Child in the manger, under the tree, born of the Virgin Mary, what greater offense to this innocent one, destined to save mankind, could there be than abortion?

Blaise Hogan


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