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Where are our values?

December 30, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

The recent school shooting in Connecticut is heartbreaking. What demonic forces motivate these people to do these things?

There are, naturally, emotional calls for ever more strict gun control laws. What this, as always, fails to take into account, is that criminals are criminals, exactly because they don't obey the law.

How many criminals do you think buy their guns at Cabela's or Wal-Mart?

Crime rates are dropping, overall, while gun sales are climbing. The Anti-gun lobby denies a connection; when guns were banned in Great Britain some years ago, crime rates, especially crimes involving guns, increased by fifty-three percent, because law-abiding former gun owners were left at the mercy of gun-wielding criminals, who were somehow supposed to have been denied their weapons, right along with everyone else.

Should we deny millions of other responsible, law-abiding gun owners their legal right to their weapons, because of a relative handful of whackjobs?

The people in power, who use every such opportunity to chip away at the Second Amendment right to self-defense, are themselves protected by armed bodyguards.

You want to stop these school shootings? Arm the teachers; any teacher who wants to bring a gun to school, let them. Any teacher who wants a concealed- or open-carry permit, they pay half, the county pays half. Train them properly; make it part of their education. Adapt to this problem. It's in their best interests, too.

Some schools already have an armed guard. He/she gets shot, game over for everyone else. Arm the teachers, there could be dozens of armed guards.

The first malignant, gun-wielding mental deficient entering a school would get off maybe two shots, before experiencing a hail of return fire, serving as an example to future malignant, gun-wielding mental deficients. Problem solved.

Why do you think these types of shootings don't happen in inner-city schools? Because the kids know that many of the other students, and probably teachers, too, are carrying; that such an attempt, then, would be futile and short-lived.

Besides, we already spend nearly half a trillion dollars a year on public education, only to graduate vast numbers of virtual illiterates with few basic skills. Why not use some of it to make schools safer?

But this will never happen; after all, schools are zero tolerance, "no gun zones". Sure stopped Adam Lanza, didn't it?

Some say that prayer would have helped; others, mainly atheists, of course, snidely dismiss this notion.

To me, prayer isn't the issue, it's the life-affirming values that are instilled in the kids by the act of prayer. These types of mass shootings only ever seem to happen in public schools, and we didn't start hearing about anything like this until after they made sure God had been shoved completely out of public education; that the curricula had been completely secularized. You reap what you sow. We rarely, if ever, hear about it in private, Christian and Catholic schools, where such solid, traditional values are still taught.

That should tell us something, I think.

Rob Denham


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