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What's in store for us?

June 9, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Thinking the unthinkable for what's in store for the Great American Dream when the population grows to 500 million and more, and one must understand the growth is unsustainable.

Ghettos are bad, slums are worse. What can we do when the scene's the same as slum cities in India, Venezuela and more.

New York City, New York people are pilfering through garbage dumps.

Fox News will report it's the Democrats fault, MSNBC will retort Conservative. Passion, entrepreneurship at work rummaging through piles of garbage; 10 cents a can, 5 cents a bottle. Sean Hannity wading in, dig, dig, work hard. It's a sin to accept a government handout.

O'Reilly and Rove wailing away, big government is just in the way and no one is watching the forces of evil hanging around the back door. The corporate welfare conglomerates, if had their way, would lock the door of every factory supplying their employees astronaut Pampers and more to get production levels above the norm.

Maybe we should go back to the good old days when companies had three sweepers for every production worker. It was a job.

Just a though. Pot hole repair. Wouldn't it be more appealing if asphalt had matching colors.

Steve Kopa


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