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Real estate transfers

June 23, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Debora Dombo and others to David Gantzer, lot 12, Hammonds Subdivision.

Pauline Denger to Joseph Helmbright Jr., lot 3, Lupton's Addition.

Eleanor Conroy to Jonathan Taliani, lot 6, Grandview Estates.

GMAC Mortgage to Housing & Urban Development, lots 8-9, Monroeville; and 0.268 acre, Brush Creek Township.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Ronald and Rayelene McElroy, lots 39 and 41, Original Springfield (survivorship).

A&H Logging to Karen Molnar,. lots 5, 12 and 22 and part lot 12, Homewood Park.

Joe Carter to Matthew Dahlem, lot 12, Harry Speaker's Addition.

Joshua and Jennifer Myers to Luke and Carol Hightshue, lot 12, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Anthony and Shelley Osso to Bryan and Lindsey Smith, lot 38, Dorian Heights (survivorship).

Robert and Carolyn Strobel to Robert and Diane Strobel, 5.873 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Deutsche Bank to Thomas and Fonda Thompson, metes, Knox Township.

Billy and Delores Wright to John Dennis and Paul Dennis, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, part lot 3, Hannah Ollum Subdivision.

Alice Johnston (deceased) to Troy Radinsky, lot 4 and part lot 3, Saltsman.

Troy and Lori Radinsky to Todd Clegg, lot 4 and part lot 3, Saltsman.

Renee and Randy Ralston to Tri Capital Investment Group, lot 62 and part lot 63, Riviera Tract.

Luvern Hoerchler to Village of Richmond, lot 35, Original Richmond.

Al Klapka to Kevin Stingle, 0.377 acre, Smithfield Township.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Arthur and Jean Ritenour, 10,890 square feet, Warren Township.

Alton Brand (deceased) to Joyce Brand, part lots 16-17, Saltsman's.

Joyce Brand to Joyce Brand and others, part lots 16-17, Saltsman's (survivorship).

Paul Tournay Jr. to Flora Cooper, part lot 76, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, lots 83-84, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank, lot 66, Altamont.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 5.051.25 square feet, Warren Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lots 10-11, Orchard Place.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, lot 37, Walton & Thomasson's Third.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., metes, Ross Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lot 8, Hilsinger First.

Gerald Cornish Sr. (deceased) to James and Suzanne McConnell, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

US Bank to Housing & Urban Development, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

George and Mary Ann Kokos to Tina Carbasho, lot 23, Labelleview.

Annette Anticole to John and Sandra Cilli, lot 149, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Vincent Mollay (deceased) to Susan Mollay, 0.126 acre, Cross Creek Township.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to William and Yvonne Larkins, 0.5 acre, Salem Township.

Janet and William Vanzin to Colleen and Jeffrey Bake, metes, Cross Creek Township.

William and Margaret Kerr to Todd Zimish, 0.0829 acre, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to PNC Bank, part lots 167-168, Labelleview.

Josephine and Guido Covelli to Linda Way Properties LLC, lot 257, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Scott and Mary Sollom to John Pollard and Claire Plante, part lot 56, Simmons & Foster (survivorship).

Richard and Tammy Saphore to Shirlene Speedy, 0.416 acre, Island Creek Township.

Norma Zambon to Matthew and Laura Brookes, 0.775 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Charles Williams III to Carl Huber, 1.001 acres, Ross Township.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Charles and Linda Brown Jr., lot 21, McLaughlin First (survivorship).

Robert Lamb (deceased) to Katrina Koran and Dennis Lamb, 1,032 acres, Island Creek Township.

Carl and Frances Boyd to Rebecca Hazelton and Joshua Cichon, lots 9-12, Patterson Addition (survivorship).

Arthur Binion to Joseph Greep and Kenneth Greep, 3.049 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

Bradley Jones to Bruner Land Co., 42.718 acres, Springfield Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John Grew, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Catherine Andrews (deceased) to Roosevelt Andrews Sr., lot 34, McCooks.

Samuel and Anna Luckino to William Babel, lots 25-26, Rosemont unrecorded.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to American General Mortgage Loan Trust, 0.399 acre, Island Creek Township.

Robert and Joyce Matthews to Robert Matthews, metes, Ross Township.

Freddie Sturm to Krista Holyak, lot 25, Homewood Park.

Claire Lovinski to Harold Fyock Jr., 1.7925 Cross Creek Township.

William and Jean Higgins to Benjamin Ramsey, 0.579 acre, Island Creek Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Thomas and Carla Roth, 5.15 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to David Maple JR., 1.605 acres, Knox Township.

Jeffrey Thomas to Joshua Thomas, 2.9697 acres, Warren Township.

Liberty Savings Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 46, Hollywood Subdivision.

Christopher DeNoble to Christopher DeNoble and Marsha Thompson, 2.802 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Dorothy Yohn (deceased) to Linda Wise and Karen Spiker, 13.88 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 11, Brentwood Estates.

Howard P. Swiger 1995 Living Trust to George Swiger, lot 25, Lacy's Third.

Vince Aquino and others to Brian and Bethany Rea, lot 55, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

John and Monica Freeland III to Howard and Michelle Nelson Jr., lots 1-3, Patterson's Addition (survivorship).

Christopher Christ Jr. (deceased) to Rita Christ and others, lot 66, Westwood Estates.

Nancy Cich (deceased) to John Cich, lot 3, Park Dale.

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