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Real estate transfers

January 19, 2014
Weirton Daily Times

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

William and Jacqueline Jones to Cheryl Figley and others, lot 18, Sunny Acres; and 0.1128 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

William McFadden to Brenda McFadden, part lot 521 and lot 522, Labelleview.

Leslie and Philip Icuss Jr. to James and Denise Mello, lot 5, White Oaks.

Toronto DOHP VIII LLC to Realty Income Properties 25 LLC, part lots 12, 13 and 20 and lots 11-14 and 19-20, Robertson First.

Mark Kincaid to Mark and Jill Kincaid, 7.524 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

Theodore Kanoski (deceased) to James and Patricia Modon, 0.2745 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Cora Dorner to Cora Dorner and Timothy Keminski, lot 514 and part lot 515, Labelleview (survivorship).

Alan and Lois Miller to Jack and Doris Brown, metes, Brush Creek Township.

Dana and Arjanta Mansfield to Arjanta Mansfield, metes, Wayne Township.

Joe and Sophia Slivenski (both deceased) to Diane Hughes and Daniel Slivenski, lot 26, Francis First.

Diane Hughes and others to Bradley and Allen Goff, lot 26, Francis First (survivorship).

Bonita Barclay to Anthony and Laura Dorsey, 0.955 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Sandra Madzia to James Mitchell and others, lot 32, McLaughlin Third (survivorship).

Danielle Miller to Timothy Coppa, 1.007 acres, Island Creek Township.

Sklenar Family Revocable Living Trust to Property Group LLC, lot 284, Manhattan.

Fannie Mae to Thomas and Peggy Bower, lot 7, Belmont Heights; and 0.118 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Josephine DiFonzo to Jason and Sarah Keeder, lot 14 and part lot 15, Yurjevic (survivorship).

Jack Binkiewicz to Bridgett Binkiewicz, lot 142, Beechwood Second.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Timothy Newburn, 2.6213 acres, Wayne Township.

Jamie Freeman (deceased) to Ronald Freeman, 4.25 acres, Warren Township.

Timothy Nieb to George Lollathin Jr., 3.24 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Scott and Jaye Lynn Hockenberry, lots 26-27, Eastview (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Charles Tingler, part lot 25, Rickey & Urguhart.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Kirsandra Carter, part lots 1-2, Lucy Angle Subdivision.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Mark Nelson Holdings LLC, part lot 159, Original Steubenville.

Auditor of Jefferson County to James Welding, part lots 16-17, Rickey & Urguhart; lot 5, McCook; and lot 5, JJ Gills.

Harold and Donna Householder to Midwest Land Services Inc., 1 acre, Ross Township.

Midwest Lane Services Inc. to OGI Inc. and others, 1 acre, Ross Township.

Edward Featheringham to Darlene and Craig Flesher, lot 29 and part lot 31, Mount Pleasant (survivorship).

Junior Payano to Payano & Sons LLC, lots 182-183, Labelleivew.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Donna Nidle and Laura Bardsley, 0.973 acre, Smithfield Township.

Bishop of Steubenville to HMM Development LLC, lots 1-2 and part lots 3-4, Hukill's; part lot 1, Margaret Turnbull; part lots 4-6, James Wallace Addition; and part lots 23-24, Ambrose Shaw Heir.

Thomas and Bobbie Mangan to BJDR Management Co. LLC, Unit 19, Mission Point Condo.

Cheryl Bartholomew to Harry Grafton Revocable Living Trust, 20 acres, Island Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Renee Webber, 0.604 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to J Dub Ink LLC, lot 104, Labelleview Land Co.

Emmett and Irene Hanlon (both deceased) to Gary Hanlon, 13.14 acres, Knox Township.

Fannie Mae to Cecily Funk, lot 9 and part lot 10, Ross Park Realty.

RG Steel Wheeling LLC to Mark and Gretchen Nelson, 5.56 acres, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Kristy Smith to Jade Smith, 0.17 acre, Springfield Township.

Bank of America to Housing & Urban Development, lot 6, Seaton First.

Carole and Danny Bell to Wallace Lash, 0.275 acre, Knox Township.

Mildred DAlesio (deceased) to Lisa Mazik and others, lot 67, Dixon Heights.

Gloria Adams Trust to Wells Township Trustee, lot 24, Downers.

William and Linda Kovacs to Taczak & Taczak LP, 87.92 acres, Springfield Township.

Norma Leatherman (deceased) to David Leatherman, metes, Warren Township.

Randall Tassey (deceased) to Jason Tassey, lot 68, Glendwell.

David and Diane Ryan to Matthew and Sara Cooley, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Lester and Edna Troyer, lots 9-10, Brown proposed subdivision; 0.09 acre, Mount Pleasant Township; and lots 123 and 126, Lower Allotment Glen Robbins (survivorship).

Betty Hedmond to Robert and Nicole McDonald Jr., lot 32, Country Club Village (survivorship).

Jacob Brent to Lindsay Brent, lot 29, Beechwood.

Fam Financial Corp. to Louis Hass, metes, Steubenville Township.

Ray and Anita Baker to Donald Jarvis, 25.112 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Ray and Anita Baker to Jennifer Langsdorf and Robert Stenger, 25.112 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Theaudria Fletcher, lot 1, Colliers Second.

Kathy Sabol and Larry Daurora Jr. to Michael Theesfeld, part lot 12, Freeman's First.

Anita Burge to Anita and Randy Burge, 0.65 acre, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Kevin and Lisa Marchbank to Marchbank Properties LLC, 26 acres, Warren Township.

Shirley Fabry (deceased) to Terry Fabry and John Fabry Sr., 2.777 acres, Smithfield Township.

John and Theresa Fabry Sr. to Terry Fabry, 2.777 acres, Smithfield Township.

Marcel and Margery to Gina and Paul Lukas, lot 127, Highland City vacated (survivorship).

Shirley Fabry (deceased) to Terry Fabry and John Fabry, lot 12, W. Lowrie Allen Addition.

Michael Chapman to John and Marianne Clouston, 0.0293 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Roger Fisher, part lot 125, Labelle View.

Deutsche Bank to George Shedlock, metes, Knox Township.

Fannie Mae to Elio Schiappa, lot 204, Country Club Estate.

Mia and Mark Makuch to Christopher and Jessica Marsili, lot 17, Kithcart & Cole's Third (survivorship).

Carl Marsili to Christopher and Jessica Marsili, lot 17, Kithcart & Cole's Third (survivorship).

Vincent and Beverly Marsili to Christopher and Jessica Marsili, lot 17, Kithcart & Cole's Third (survivorship).

Jacqueline and William Little to Augustine Homes Ltd., lot 11, Lincoln Heights Second.

Christine and Samuel Nicosia to Frank Lucas Jr., metes, Steubenville Township.

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