Agresta ready to get going with CCHS

STEUBENVILLE — Anthony Agresta admitted Wednesday he’s been feeling a little nudge to potentially return to Ohio for a few years now.

That nudge became a reality Tuesday when Agresta, who’s originally from the Mayfield area, was named the new Catholic Central football coach.

“I’d been looking at some possibilities for a move, then I saw Vince Oliver’s (the CCHS athletic director) posting for the Central position on the OHSAA website,” said Agresta, a graduate of Mayfield High School and Baldwin Wallace University. “The posting had a strong inference that Central was looking for someone who wanted to do more than just win football games.

“They were looking for someone to help build young men and do things the right way. That appealed to me. I felt a little tug in my heart and, as the lord would have it, I am there now.”

Agresta comes to Steubenville from Covington, La., where he served as head football coach for Northlake Christian School. He joined the Northlake staff in 2007 and took over the program in 2009. In his nine years, Agresta led the Wolverines to a 63-48 record. He also served as the school’s athletic director.

“Steubenville is a football town, and there isn’t a coach in the world who wouldn’t want the opportunity to coach in a football town,” he said. “There are not a lot of those communities around in this day and age. Catholic Central has a proud football tradition, and we’re very much looking forward to our move to Steubenville.

“I definitely liked what Central was looking for. The school and I have like values and like goals. We are going to win football games, but it’s about more than that. That’s one of many things that drew me there.”

Agresta, who served as principal at Youngstown Christian from 2002-07, said he was impressed with the passion and love Oliver and members of the football coaching selection committee had for Central.

“I spent a couple of days in Steubenville, and that passion really impressed me,” he said. “To know that I could potentially be a part of the school family, the football tradition and work with outstanding people were other things that drew me to Central.

“I believe it is God’s leading that is taking us there. The school community and the town itself are wonderful draws for a football coach. Plus, it’s an opportunity for me to get home. Relocating is a little easier when you know you are going to a place where you will be working with outstanding people. It didn’t take me more than an hour to figure that out.”

Agresta comes to Steubenville with an understanding that “good football teams are hard-nosed, play strong, hard-hitting defense, run the ball off tackle and take the will out their opponents.”

“That’s the kind of football I was born and bred on,” he said. “Those are the things that stuck with me having been born and raised in Northeast Ohio, learning the game, playing it and working as a young coach.

“When I went to Louisiana, the game was all about speed and making teams defend the entire field. So, I know the spread and wildcat offenses and know about getting athletes in space. Those are things the SEC part of the country prides itself on.”

Even with that knowledge, Agresta says he remains an old school football guy.

“I want my team to be more physical than our opponent,” he said. “I want to be able to run the ball because that’s what good football teams do. We’ll pass the ball because we want to, not because we have to. Most importantly, we will be a disciplined football team. You just can’t win consistently if you are not disciplined.”

Agresta will be a busy man in the next few weeks, as he finishes up the school year at Northlake Christian, attempts to sell his home and prepares for the move.

“We’ve had a nice 12 years here,” he said. “Northlake has been good to me, and I’ve been blessed to work at the school. I hope to be in Steubenville by early June, if not sooner. I’m excited and anxious to get going.”

Agresta and his wife, Lorrie, have four children, Aaron, Celeste, Micah and Sarah.


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