CCHS hosts Jefferson Relays

Indian Creek girls, Big Red boys retain their titles

FLYING HIGH — Indian Creek’s Sarah Mazzaferro competes in the high jump during Tuesday’s Jefferson County Relays at Catholic Central. (Photo by Andrew Grimm)

STEUBENVILLE — Another of the area’s marquee track and field events found a new home on Tuesday with the Harding Stadium track under renovations, as the Jefferson County Relays took place at Catholic Central’s Robert L. Copeland Memorial Track at the Michael B. Carapellotti Crusaders Sports Complex for the first time, with at least one athlete from all six Jefferson County schools winning an event.

“It was exciting,” Catholic Central head coach Bob Stanko said of hosting the event. “When (Steubenville) coach (Jason) Kernahan contacted me and asked if we could do it, I said, ‘sure!’ Our administration was all for it. It was different for us. We’re used to having a couple of dual and tri meets. I thought we could handle it, and we did real well. It went smoothly. I am very happy with how it went.”

The sun shining and warm temperatures made for good conditions.

“The weather certainly helped this go smoothly,” Stanko said. “We could not have asked for a better day. With last year’s track season being so cold and rainy, seeing the weather sunny today was great.”

The Indian Creek girls team entered the event looking for a three-peat, and successfully pulled it off by topping the hosts with a team score of 153.

“It was a nice meet,” Indian Creek head coach Joe Lewis said. “The girls ran a great event. The girls wanted to come out and keep it rolling and get it again. This is the third year in a row they have won it.”

“We had a lot of kids in different events they don’t normally run trying to find places to get points, and everybody came through.”

Winning individual events for the Redskins were Sloane Lewis (800 run, 1600 run, 3200 run), Abby Copeland (100 hurdles), the 400 shuttle hurdles relay team of Jacqueline Bly, Rileigh Gualtiere, Allyson Tweedy and Copeland, and Gualtiere in the high jump. Lewis also was on the podium with a third in the 100 dash, while Gualtiere was second in the 400, Copeland was second in the 300 hurdles and Sarah Mazzaferro was second in the discus throw.

The Indian Creek boys placed second, led by event wins by four relay teams and Roan Kovach in the long jump. The combo of Kovach, Shane Kosec, Malcolm Walker and Logan Davis won the 800 relay, Tremare Jackson, Walker, Kovach and Davis topped the 1600 relay, while Russell Lough, Pierce Pietro, Nathan Martin and Austin Starr paced the 3200 relay and Grant Yocum, Shane Kosec, Jackson and Lough won the 400 shuttle hurdles relay.

Also reaching the podium for the Creek boys were Davis (second in the 200 dash), Lough (second in the 800 run) and Yocum (third in the 300 hurdles).

“Our boys haven’t placed in this meet in a long time,” Lewis said. “They worked hard this week and were fired up. It’s the local meet, it’s the teams we see all the time, so everyone gets competitive with one another.

“Our times are coming around, we’re finding events for our younger kids. As the season goes on we’re going to see better and better things.”

Despite some injuries and a few key pieces missing, the Big Red boys team defended its title by again winning the event with a team score of 127, topping Indian Creek’s 97.

“I appreciate coach Stanko holding the Jefferson County Relays for us,” Kernahan said. “It feels good. I thought our kids did a good job today. It was the best weather we have had all season. It was fun for the kids to get to compete against their friends, instead of going to a big meet somewhere where they don’t know anybody.”

Caleb Mitchell won the 100 and 200 dashes, Anthony Rice topped the 110 hurdles and the 400 relay unit of Dumaka McGhee, Rice, Tayveon Montgomery and Mitchell took the top spot.

Reaching the podium for Big Red’s boys were Dalan Livingston (second in the 110 and 300 hurdles) and DeShawn Nixon (second in shot put, third in discus).

“Jorian (Jones) wasn’t here today and we have some injuries, so we got to see other kids participate that are going to help us down the road,” Kernahan said. “We’re getting better each day.”

The Steubenville girls placed fourth, led by T’Kayla Kelley’s wins in the 100 and 200 dashes, the 3200 relay unit of Chloe Petrella, Natirah Turner, Isabella Phillips, Anastasia Crisante and Amya Livingston’s winning throw in the shot put. Crisante was second in the 1600 and Livingston third in the discus.

Catholic Central placed second in the girls portion and third in the boys to make Stanko happy as a coach and event director.

The girls got event wins from Rebecca Bodo in the 400 dash, Clara Symington in the 300 hurdles, Karlie Vandeborne in the long jump and three relay teams. The 400 combination of Rebecca Bolster, Elizabeth Bolster, Emma Borden and Emily Vitlip, the 800 group of Borden, Rebecca Bolster, Symington and Bodo and the 1600 unit of Vandeborne, Rebecca Bolster, Symington and Bodo all took the top spot.

Also placing in the top three were Bodo (third in the 200 dash), Elizabeth Bolster (second in the 800 run), Symington (second in the 100 hurdles), and Vitlip (third in the long jump).

“Our team did very well,” Stanko said. “Running the event, I didn’t get to pay too much attention to the results, but it looks like our athletes did very well. We just keep working hard every day. We have a small team on both sides and we have been successful so far.”

On the boys side, the Crusaders got wins from Joe Rohde in the 800 run and Patrick Kuebler in the 1600 and 3200 runs. Seth Fitzgerald was second in the 400 dash, Rohde second in the 1600 run while Alec Constantini was third in the shot put.

“The boys being third was probably the biggest surprise,” Stanko said. “We have progressed pretty well. It is a progression through the season, and it is going well.”

Edison had a solid day as well, led by Bryce McAfoose, who was the overall high point winner on the boys side. The Wildcats were third on the girls side and fourth on the boys.

Faith Hoobler won the discus and was second in the shot put, Morgan Lesnansky turned in three third place runs (800, 1600, 3200), while Karissa Speedy (100) and Holly Valentine (300) placed third in the hurdles events.

McAfoose won the 300 hurdles and was third in the 110 hurdles, while placing second in the long jump. Kaleb Waggoner won the high jump, while Jacob Cusik was third in the 400 dash, Hayden Johnson third in the 1600 run.

“We had a good day,” Edison coach Todd Smith said. “The boys ran well and the girls ran well. Bryce getting the high point award is awesome. This is our second one in as many meets with Faith winning it at East Palestine. We’re starting to get better, our times are coming down.”

Toronto was fifth in both portions of the event. Isabella Irwin was second in the high jump and Kendal Thomas third in the shot put on the girls side, while Josh Fancher gave the Red Knights a win in the discus throw. Doug Whitman was third in the 100 dash, while Zach Stackhouse was second in the high jump and third in the long jump.

Buckeye Local rounded out both fields, but had some strong individual performances. Jacob Peilech placed in all three dashes, winning the 400 while finishing second in the 100 and third in the 200, while Zach Cesario won the shot put. Nathan Jarrell was third in the 800 and Jacob Zanes third in the high jump.

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Jefferson County Relays

at Catholic Central


GIRLS: 1. Indian Creek 153; 2. Catholic Central 117; 3. Edison 111; 4. Steubenville 86; 5. Toronto 29; 6. Buckeye Local 13.

BOYS: 1. Steubenville 127; 2. Indian Creek 97; 3. Catholic Central 80; 4. Edison 74; 5. Toronto 63; 6. Buckeye Local 61.



100 DASH: 1. T’Kayala Kelley (S) 12.84; 2. Karlie Vandeborne (CC) 13.12; 3. Sloane Lewis (IC) 13.97.

200 DASH: 1. T’Kayla Kelley (S) 27.09; 2. Karlie Vandeborne (CC) 28.06; 3. Rebecca Bodo (CC) 28.73.

400 DASH: 1. Rebecca Bodo (CC) 1:03.15; 2. Rileigh Gualtiere (IC) 1:04.66; 3. Rebecca Bolster (CC) 1:04.84.

800 RUN: 1. Sloane Lewis (IC) 2:46.44; 2. Elizabeth Bolster (CC) 2:48.68; 3. Morgan Lesnansky (E) 2:49.41.

1600 RUN: 1. Sloane Lewis (IC) 5:49.65; 2. Anastasia Cristante (S) 5.59.74; 3. Morgan Lesnansky (E) 6:11.87.

3200 RUN: 1. Sloane Lewis (IC) 15:30.41; 2. Abby Copeland (IC) 15:32.37; 3. Morgan Lesnansky (E) 15:41.38.

100 HURDLES: 1. Abby Copeland (IC) 17.64; 2. Clara Symington (CC) 18.18; 3. Karissa Speedy (E) 18.60.

300 HURDLES: 1. Clara Symington (CC) 50.88; 2. Abby Copeland (IC) 51.34; 3. Holly Valentine (E) 58.23.

400 RELAY: 1. Catholic Central (Rebecca Bolster, Elizabeth Bolster, Emma Borden, Emily Vitlip) 55.79; 2. Edison 56.79; 3. Steubenville 56.88.

800 RELAY: 1. Catholic Central (Emma Borden, Rebecca Bolster, Clara Symington, Rebecca Bodo) 1:53.16; 2. Steubenville 2:01.51; 3. Edison 2:05.23.

1600 RELAY: 1. Catholic Central (Karlie Vandeborne, Rebecca Bolster, Clara Symington, Rebecca Bodo) 4:31.53; 2. Steubenville 4:49.19; 3. Indian Creek 5:22.75.

3200 RELAY: 1. Steubenville (Chloe Petrella, Natirah Turner, Isabella Phillips, Anastasia Crisante) 11:34.54; 2. Edison 12:31.36; 3. Indian Creek 12:42.58.

400 SHUTTLE HURDLES RELAY: 1. Indian Creek (Jacqueline Bly, Rileigh Gualtiere, Allyson Tweedy, Abby Copeland) 1:14.42; 2. Edison 1:16.00; 3. Steubenville 1:23.81.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Rileigh Gualtiere (IC) 4-10; 2. Isabella Irwin (T) 4-06; 3. Hannah Eikleberry 4-04.

LONG JUMP: 1. Karlie Vandeborne (CC) 15-07.50; 2. Allyson Tweedy (IC) 14-07.50; 3. Emily Vitlip (CC) 13-10.00.

SHOT PUT: 1. Amya Livingston (S) 34-05.50; 2. Faith Hoobler (E) 33-11.25; 3. Kendal Thomas (T) 25-10.75.

DISCUS: 1. Faith Hoobler (E) 117-09; 2. Sarah Mazzaferro (IC) 92-02; 3. Amya Livingston (S) 85-09.


100 DASH: 1. Caleb Mitchell (S) 11.30; 2. Jacob Pielech (BL) 11.66; 3. Doug Whitman (T) 12.11.

200 DASH: 1. Caleb Mitchell (S) 23.43; 2. Logan Davis (IC) 23.72; 3. Jacob Pielech (BL) 23.87.

400 DASH: 1. Jacob Pielech (BL) 52.42; 2. Seth Fitzgerald (CC) 53.63; 3. Jacob Cusick (E) 55.40.

800 RUN: 1. Joe Rohde (CC) 2:20.59; 2. Russell Lough (IC) 2:22.96; 3. Nathan Jarrell (BL) 2:23.37.

1600 RUN: 1. Patrick Kuebler (CC) 5:07.88; 2. Joe Rohde (CC) 5:08.45; 3. Hayden Johnson (E) 5:18.03.

3200 RUN: 1. Patrick Kuebeler (CC) 11:54.66; 2. Caleb Noble (S) 12.09.81.

110 HURDLES: 1. Anthony Rice (S) 15.85; 2. Dalan Livingston (S) 16.58; 3. Bryce McAfoose (E) 16.80.

300 HURDLES: 1. Bryce McAfoose (E) 44.21; 2. Dalan Livingston (S) 44.27; 3. Grant Yocum (IC) 47.09.

400 RELAY: 1. Steubenville (Dumaka McGhee, Anthony Rice, Tayveon Montgomery, Caleb Mitchell) 46.52; 2. Toronto 49.68; 3. Catholic Central 51.21.

800 RELAY: 1. Indian Creek (Roan Kovach, Shane Kosec, Malcolm Walker, Logan Davis) 1:35.51; 2. Steubenville 1:35.97; 3. Toronto 1:44.01.

1600 RELAY: 1. Indian Creek (Tremare Jackson, Malcolm Walker, Roan Kovach, Logan Davis) 3:39.63; 2. Catholic Central 3:51.43; 3. Steubenville 4:02.41.

3200 RELAY: 1. Indian Creek (Russell Lough, Pierce Pietro, Nathan Martin, Austin Starr) 9:55.40; 2. Steubenville 10:05.91; 3. Edison 10:27.24.

400 SHUTTLE HURDLES RELAY: 1. Indian Creek (Grant Yocum, Shane Kosec, Tremare Jackson, Russell Lough) 1:06.83; 2. Steubenville 1:07.66; 3. Edison 1:13.60.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Kaleb Waggoner (E) 6-00.00; 2. Zach Stackhouse (T) 5-06.00; 3. Jacob Zanes (BL) 5-02.00.

LONG JUMP: 1. Roan Kovach (IC) 19-06.25; 2. Bryce McAfoose (E) 19-04.00; 3. Zach Stackhouse (T) J19-04.00.

SHOT PUT: 1. Zach Cesario (BL) 44-10.75; 2. DeShawn Nixon (S) 44-03.75; 3. Alec Constantini (CC) 42-09.00.

DISCUS: 1. Josh Fancher (T) 131-10; 2. Ethan Waugh (S) 124-02; 3. DeShawn Nixon (S) 116-10.


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