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The dab.

It’s pretty much everywhere.

Cam Newton introduced the world to it.

I’ve seen it on vines, memes and gifs in all sorts of circumstances.

But, I saw it recently at a place I never thought I would.

During the national anthem.

A couple of high school students thought it was cool.

Funny, even.


Not at all, even.

For the life of me, I do not understand why it is so hard to stand at attention, hand over heart, for a solid 90-ish seconds.

There is no doubt in my mind you can be like the dog from “Up” – a short attention span, you know.

Not then. Not there.

Hand over heart.

Hands behind back.

Hands at your side.

Hands holding hands of teammates.

But, stand still.

You need to sway? I’m good with that.

Look at the flag and be respectful.

It’s not hard.

From amhistory.si.edu:

During the 19th century, “The Star-Spangled Banner” became one of the nation’s best-loved patriotic songs. It gained special significance during the Civil War, a time when many Americans turned to music to express their feelings for the flag and the ideals and values it represented.

By the 1890s, the military had adopted the song for ceremonial purposes, requiring it to be played at the raising and lowering of the colors. Despite its widespread popularity, “The Star-Spangled Banner” did not become the national anthem until 1931.

From nps.gov:

Francis Scott Key was a deeply religious man. At one time in his life, he almost gave up his law practice to enter the ministry. Instead, he resolved to become involved in the Episcopal Church. Because of his religious beliefs, Key was strongly opposed to the War of 1812. However, due to his deep love for his country, he did serve for a brief time in Captain George Peter’s Georgetown Light Field Artillery in 1813.

Following the British capture of Washington on August 24, 1814, Dr. William Beanes, a prominent physician was taken prisoner by the British. Since Key was a well-known lawyer, he was asked to assist in efforts to get Beanes released. Knowing that the British were in the Chesapeake Bay, Key left for Baltimore. There Key met with Colonel John Skinner, a government agent who arranged for prisoner exchanges. Together, on September 5, they set out on a small American flag-of-truce vessel to meet the Royal Navy.

On board the British flagship, HMS Tonnant, the officers were very kind to Key and Skinner.

They agreed to release Beanes. However, the three men were not permitted to return to Baltimore until after the bombardment of Fort McHenry. The three Americans were placed aboard the American ship, and waited behind the British fleet. From a distance of approximately eight miles, Key and his friends watched the British bombard Fort McHenry.

After 25 hours of continuous bombing, the British decided to leave since they were unable to destroy the fort as they had hoped. Realizing that the British had ceased the attack, Key looked toward the fort to see if the flag was still there. To his relief, the flag was still flying! Quickly, he wrote down the words to a poem which was soon handed out as a handbill under the title “Defence of Fort McHenry.” Later, the words were set to music, and renamed “The Star Spangled Banner.” It became a popular patriotic song. It was not until March 3, 1931, however, that it became our national anthem.

Be respectful.


I love some student sections.

They are great for a high school contest.

They add to the atmosphere.

In my 10-plus years sitting in this seat, I have never seen a student section cross the line.

Recently, though, I witnessed an adult mock a student section.

I then witnessed the student section mock the adult.

In the long run, the student section won.

Adults, please.

Although the petition is now closed, did you see on Change.org the petition to ban Cam Newton from CenturyLink Field?

“Cam Newton is one of the most unprofessional, unsportsmanlike individual on the face of the planet. So I say for the 2016-2017 when the Panthers come to play in Seattle he should be banned from entering the stadium. This should teach him to put his arrogance in check!!”

People just have way too much time on their hands.

Newton is great for the game.

Although I would love to see the Denver Broncos win so Peyton Manning would get a second Super Bowl ring, I would have no problem watching Newton lift the Lombardi Trophy.

He can be on my team any time.

The scary thing is the petition had 2,324 supporters before being closed.

Hey Browns fans, how can you not like what they are doing in restructuring the organization?

Some good things are coming to Cleveland by way of owner Jimmy Haslam. The next question is simple – when does Johnny leave town for good?

Fox Sports hiring Paul Azinger to replace Greg Norman is a little like hitting the announcer lottery.

Norman wasn’t good at all last year as the lead analyst.

In fact, he was on par with Fox’s coverage.

Azinger is a major championship winner, was solid in the Ryder Cup and will tell it like he sees it.

That’s a really good combo.

Nice decision Blake Griffin.

The team is playing really well without you and you gave them 4-6 more weeks of playing without your services.

If Jameis Winston did nothing wrong, why did Florida State settle a federal Title IX lawsuit with Erica Kinsman, the former student who said she was raped by Winston, the former Seminole and current Tampa Bay quarterback.

The school agreed to a $950,000 payment and make a five-year commitment to awareness, prevention and training programs.

“I will always be disappointed that I had to leave the school I dreamed of attending since I was little,” Kinsman said in a statement. “I am happy that FSU has committed to continue making changes in order to ensure a safer environment for all students.”

So, what happens to the commitment after five years?

If Dennis Wideman plays another game in the NHL this season, that league really has to look itself in the mirror.

  • This might be old, but I just saw it, and loved it.

I shared a post on Facebook the other day, and it goes like this:

A mom is making breakfast for her teenage boy, as he walks in.

“Mom, don’t burn the eggs! Careful! Careful! Don’t mess up! Don’t let them burn. Be careful!”

Finally, the mom snaps.

“I know what to do. I’ve cooked eggs before.”

“I know, Mom. I was just trying to show you what it’s like when I’m playing baseball.”


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