Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Role reversal: A 14-year-old girl in Cross Creek township arguing with her mother over a cell phone called the sheriff’s department, Monday. The girl’s mother said the daughter had been in a fight earlier in the day and afterward had posted threatening messages on Facebook, so she tried to take the phone off of her but the girl wouldn’t give it up.

Family fighting: A 17-year-old Richmond resident claimed a family member was physically abusing her, Tuesday. The girl said the relative had embarrassed her in front of her friends the night before when she told them she doesn’t allow smoking in the home, and claimed the adult relative assaulted her. The adult relative said the juvenile had hit her twice and actually had hit herself in the head. The adult relative claims the juvenile is unruly, won’t follow house rules and refuses to do chores, and said the girl struck her in the face twice with a closed fist when she suggested another relative take her phone way for bad behavior. Another family member told deputies the adult female had told the girl to pick up her clothes and wash them, enraging the girl who twice tried to attack the older woman who grabbed the girl by the hair to protect herself.

Arrested: Anthony Rush, 30, 55686 Lincoln Blvd., Steubenville failure to appear, Wednesday.

Earful: Two homeowners on Island Creek Township Road 371, Toronto, were fighting over their property line, Wednesday. Deputies said one of the homeowners had the property surveyed but the other disputes the report. When they were on scene gathering information, deputies said the neighbor persisted in following them as they walked along the disputed property line, trying to eavesdrop, despite repeated warnings to leave the area.

Concerned: A Rayland resident told deputies he’s concerned that motorists traveling at a high rate of speed down a hill before Glenn Robbins might hit individuals riding 4-wheelers on the road, Wednesday.

Safety first: A woman told deputies her underage son returned from a week with his father with bruising on his left arm, Wednesday. The child told his mother his father had taken them out on his boat at Tappan Lake and a wave hit, knocking him into the windshield and then into the water. The boy said he wasn’t wearing a life jacket and his father’s girlfriend had to fish him out of the water. The woman said she contacted the Tappan marina, which confirmed there had been a boating accident. Authorities there confirmed the child’s father had been cited for failure to control, over-occupancy of a boat, an expired boat license and no life jackets.

Steubenville police

Stopped: Police say a wanted man they tried to pull over at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Estelle Avenue fled the scene, and during the pursuit struck a tree in the Jackson Place cul-de-sac, Tuesday. The driver was taken into custody and his vehicle impounded by the Jefferson County Drug Task Force. Police said charges are pending.

Raided: Jefferson County Drug Task Force and city police raided a residence in Steubenville, Tuesday. While executing a narcotics search warrant, officers said they seized a firearm, heroin, fentanyl and cash.

Friendly face: A Steubenville man told police an individual he knows took $40 from his wallet, Tuesday. The victim said when he got a few dollars out of his wallet so the other man could get something to drink, the man grabbed his wallet, taking the rest of his cash. He said they were at the North End ballfield at the time of the theft.

Lost and found: When callers reported a group sitting on a cement block, drinking and yelling at motorists, responding officers recovered a city-issued garbage can on North Fourth Street that had been stolen several weeks ago from a Logan Avenue residence, Tuesday. The block, a rock and the stolen trash can were removed by city workers, and police emptied the open container.

Noticed: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of properties at 102 Harding, high grass; 1335 Oak Grove and 1909 Orchard, litter.

Arrested: Delmar Cunningham, 45, Apartment 1, 1415 Euclid St., Steubenville, warrants for petit theft and criminal trespass, Tuesday.

Arrested: Donald Harris, 40, 2720 Cleveland Ave., Steubenville, two counts possession of drugs, tampering with evidence, failure to comply with an officer and fugitive from justice (West Virginia), Tuesday.

Cited: Wendy P. Vogel, 62, 350 Terri Ave., Steubenville, shortcutting a traffic control device; Jason K. Weese, 37, Apartment 2, 3905 Sunset Boulevard, Steubenville, stop sign violation.

Love’s grand: A Lincoln Avenue resident told police an argument with her live-in boyfriend turned physical, Wednesday. The woman told police they’d argued earlier in the day, but she left to cool down. She said when she returned, they started fighting again but this time when she tried to leave the boyfriend grabbed her by the hair and arm and dragged her back inside. The woman said she was able to text a friend for help. The woman had a slight bruise on her arm, but police said she was “visibly upset.”

Tone deaf: Police were unable to locate a woman in the 900 block of Sheffield who callers said was singing loudly, Wednesday.

Hateful: A woman in the 100 block of North Fourth Street said individuals in her apartment building yell racial slurs when they see her leaving, Wednesday.


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