Don’t forget to buckle up


Law enforcement agencies across West Virginia will be ramping up efforts to enforce seat belt laws as part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s annual Click It or Ticket campaign, which officially begins May 25. It’s an attempt to remind drivers there are legal and ...

A plan is needed for when the rain falls

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I’ve been fascinated with emergency services ever since I was a young kid. My father was a 911 dispatcher in my hometown of St. Marys as well as a member of the volunteer emergency squad in Pleasants County. Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon to walk into the St. Marys Police Department to ...

Put safety first when on the road


Memorial Day, which marks the unofficial start of summer, is just one week away. And even with some of the highest gasoline prices in history, it’s anticipated there will be an increase in traffic this coming weekend and in the weeks ahead. Unfortunately, more vehicles means there will be ...

On an ice cream-saving mission in the stores

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My life generates constant deadline pressure, and not just at the newspaper. This is especially the set of circumstances when Better Half and I are grocery shopping and a quart or two of Breyer’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream is on the list of things to get. This is a very strategic, ...

Our annual safe driving reminder

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The condition of our local roadways has been a focus on the news in recent weeks, and serves as our annual reminder to always be diligent while behind the wheel. A few weeks ago, as a result of our regular spring rains, we began having some landslides resulting in road closures, including on ...

Be sure to take care of your skin


Longer days, warmer temperatures and knowing that the official start of summer is not that far off mean that most of us are looking forward to being able to spend more time in the sun. Before you head out, though, we ask that you take a few moments to pause and think about the toll all of ...