The magic of Christmas continues


The magic of the Christmas season will continue throughout the region this weekend. Thousands of residents of the Tri-State Area and beyond already have visited the Nutcracker Village along Fourth and Market streets in Steubenville as well as the Advent Market and other attractions that are ...

Changes coming for the next election


There will be several community, county, state and national offices appearing on the ballot as part of next year’s mid-term elections. Anytime an election rolls around, it is a good time to remind voters of the importance of paying attention to who is running for what office, as well as ...

Natural gas prices, like everything else, are rising

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You’ve heard it on the news. It comes as no surprise that that natural gas prices around the country will be higher this winter. Now is the time to prepare in order to minimize the effect of those rising prices. You may need to adjust your budget, but you should definitely take action to ...

Be charitable and make a difference


This time of year tends to bring out the spirit of giving in most of us. But a report from WalletHub suggests there are fewer people in West Virginia willing to give than in other parts of the country. In its list of Most Charitable States in America, the Mountain State ranked a disappointing ...

Stay positive this holiday season


The pace of the holidays is starting to speed up. Some people revel in the spirit of the holidays, humming Christmas songs as they go about the holiday preparations. Throw in a whole new set of concerns brought about as some people are still struggling to recover from the loneliness and ...

Potential for a low-key legislative sesion

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November and December tend to be a quiet time in West Virginia state politics. But we should soon start hearing about what a possible legislative agenda could look like in 2022. The 2022 legislative session begins noon Wednesday Jan. 12 and it will wrap up at midnight on Saturday March 12. ...