Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bad aim: A 15-year-old boy was charged with criminal damaging and obstructing official business Tuesday after allegedly pelting windows at Ridgewood Place with BBs, breaking several. The responding officer said in one case, the BBs pierced both the inner and outer glass in one window, spewing fragments into an apartment where a woman was sitting. The officer left the scene without locating the perpetrator, but returned after the shooting resumed and a Ridgewood Place employee spotted a youth sitting outside his window “with a long object in his hands.”

When deputies located the youth, he told them he hadn’t touched his BB gun in days though he admitted his DNA would be on the pellets. The officer said the boy eventually admitted he was responsible, insisting he was aiming into the woods but “must have missed.”

Trouble: A woman who’d been living at a residence in Rayland for the past six months told deputies she came home from work and was cooking dinner Tuesday when her boyfriend accused her of cheating, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her through the residence. There’s no cell service in the area, so when the woman threatened to call 911 she said he turned the WiFi off. Her teenaged daughter hyperventilated, and when she begged him to call an ambulance he instead removed door knobs and went to a family member’s home, then from there to his sister’s home “to play his video games.” The man denied any physical interaction, but when his sister reminded him he’d grabbed the woman by the hair he admitted it and told them he’d disabled the internet, because he owned it, and removed door knobs so she couldn’t lock him out.

Taxing: A woman in Toronto was notified Tuesday her federal income tax return had been filed, but the woman hadn’t done her taxes yet. The company processing her return stopped it and instructed her to contact the IRS as well as credit monitoring agencies.

Bothered: An Adena resident reported a neighbor has exhibited harassing behavior for the past six months with unwanted texts and horn blowing.

Fired up: Short Creek firefighters found a 1986 Chevy S-10 on Township Road 139, Smithfield, on fire Tuesday and notified deputies it could have been intentional. A large wooden spool and several other pieces of wood that had been burning were pulled from the truck bed, and deputies said they also found paper and an orange lighter on the ground behind the truck. The radio and ignition had been removed from the truck before the fire. The vehicle’s registration expired in 2000 and it had not been reported stolen, deputies noted.

Arrested: John Daniel Barnes, 43, 5215 County Road 17, Rayland, domestic violence.

Steubenville police

Partied too hard: Callers reported seeing a man on the ground in a parking lot Tuesday on North Third Street. Police said the man was passed out on his stomach, and said when they stirred him he was obviously disoriented so he was taken to Trinity West for evaluation. In a separate incident, police located a man passed out on the sidewalk in the 500 block of Carnegie Street but said “other than being highly intoxicated,” he checked out OK and refused treatment. He was taken to his home and advised to stay inside while he sobered up.

Tread lightly: A “highly intoxicated” woman in the 1300 block of Jefferson Street complained Tuesday that her upstairs neighbor was stomping around and she couldn’t sleep, police said. The neighbor said he was just walking around his apartment.

Assault: A woman in the 800 block of Market Street told police Tuesday a man she’d been in a relationship with had assaulted her several days earlier. The woman said he pushed her, causing her to hit her head on a nearby object, and then hit her repeatedly. She told officers she had a panic attack and ended up going to the hospital, and when she returned home he’d gone.

Fake: An employee at a Lincoln Avenue business said a male attempted to make a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Advised it was fake, the worker said the man “took it back and paid with a different $20 bill.” The man took the counterfeit bill with him when he left the store.

Lost control: A driver swerved to avoid a deer in the 1600 block of Sinclair Avenue and went over an embankment, suffering extensive damage. The car came to a rest next to several trees.

Scraped: Both drivers involved in a fender bender at the intersection of Orchard Street and Lawson Avenue were cited Tuesday. Alisha Z. Herrin, 43, 1527 Plum St., Apt. 1, was ticketed for having no operator’s license, while Christopher M. Swartz, 40, 1205 Jefferson St., was cited for driving under suspension and failure to control.


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