Real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Marie Forro (deceased) to Paul Forro Sr., lots 118-120, Olzeski First.

Nelson Best II to Aleshia Best, 4.811 acres, Knox Township.

Frank and Shannon Luckino to CAL Rentals LLC, lots 34-35, Francis First.

CAL Rentals LLC to Frank Luckino, lot 6, Watson & Thomasan Second.

Diane and Thomas Graham to Joseph and Cindy Persina II, 0.310 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Vern Wiant (deceased) to Darlene Wiant, metes, Island Creek Township; and metes, Knox Township.

George Sweat (deceased) to Darlene Sweat, lots 6-8, Seven Cs.

Seth Beaulac to Black Face 5 LLC, lot 587, Labelle.

United Group Realties Inc. to CCI Steubenville LLC, 3.5912 acres, Cross Creek Township.

William and Melissa Williams III to Joshua Roche and Sarah Wayt, 0.469 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Frederick and Patricia Bendle to Jeffrey Bendle, lot 7, Allen’s First.

DB Legacy Rentals LLC to Michael Cutshaver, 0.425 acre, Springfield Township.

Kenneth and Cacharel Torok to Penny Torok, metes, Smithfield Township.

David and Roseanne Price to Blake Webber, lot 61, Beechwood No. 2.

Bruzolo LLC to John and Mary Voto, 1.044 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Jeffrey and Jacqueline Yao to John and Mary Voto, lots 5-8, Patterson’s.

Stephen Koslik (deceased) to Daniel Koslik, lot 284, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Delbert Morris (deceased) to Nancy Morris, lot 14, Homewood Park.

Nancy Morris (deceased) to Joseph Morris and Penny Morris, lot 14, Homewood Park (survivorship).

William and Angela Schnieders to Daniel Kramer and Zach Hawrot, part lot 547, Labelle View (survivorship).

Kelli and David Johnson to Kimm Taylor, part lot 6, Barkhurst Craven First.

Columbia Gas of Ohio to James and Brenda Chartier, 0.455 acre, Cross Creek Township.


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